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After six months of dealing with swelling legs, hurting, swelling knees, rebuking pain, confessing healing scriptures and seeing no results I decided to see a doctor and find out exactly what was wrong. I figured if I knew exactly what was wrong, I could pray correctly with more confidence. After an examination by the doctor, he sent me to get x-rays on both legs and knees. The x-rays revealed that I had osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis characterized by gradual loss of cartilage of the joints, usually affecting people after middle age. Well, I was 58 at the time, so I guess you could call me middle age and x-rays showed that I had it. The doctor told me the only remedy for this problem was operating and replacing the knee joints. Because I hadn’t given up on prayer, I replied with a big NO. His reply was “what are you going to do?” Out of my spirit came these words filled with faith in God, faith in Jesus and His finished work at Calvary, faith in the Holy Spirit and faith in the word of God, “ I will pray and do therapy!” “That will not fix your problem, but it’s your money you’re spending. You will still need an operation after the prayer and therapy” was his polite reply.
I started the prayer and therapy and at that time I was taking pain medication. I think I need to interject some additional information in order for you to get the fullness of what faith in God can do. I had been off pain or any other medication for years. God and His word were keeping me healthy until this happened. Being in the healing ministry allowed me to see hundreds of miracles and healings and here I was struggling with this little old osteoarthritis. I know the will of God concerning my health from Isaiah 53:4-5, Matt.8:16-17, Gla.3:13-14, 1Pet.2:24, 3Jn.2 and yet I was suffering from an infirmity that was not the will of God for me to suffer.
The first thing I did in prayer was seek the Lord for wisdom to deal with this attack. I had used every spiritual weapon I knew to no avail. When that happens, I know the problem is not with God or His word, but with me! For some reason I wasn’t making connection. I knew that with the wisdom of God, I could overcome this attack the way I had overcome other attacks. This is what God told me:
• I was physically out of shape because of my lack of exercise.
• I was overweight and because I was out of shape, my bones were doing the work my muscles were supposed to be doing.
• I would have never started a fitness program and being physically unhealthy, I would later give place to some other problem had I received instant deliverance.
• Cast out the spirit of osteoarthritis and then pray for healing and replacement of any damaged parts in the knees.
• Start an exercise program that would develop the knee and leg muscles.
This all started 3 years ago and I have been consistent with this spiritual and physical work given to me by God. I celebrated my 63 birthday on June 28 and I am not on any medication. I just had my annual physical and the report came back totally well in all areas. I can leg press 100lbs. per leg without any pain or problems! I feel better today than I did at 40years of age. All of my muscles are getting in shape and if I keep on this program, I’ll make it to 120yrs. If Jesus tarries! Faith in God’s Word with corresponding actions will always bring rewards!!!

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