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I am the Lord your God repent and follow me.
The first time God called me was when my sister died he called me to repentance, and that’s when I came to Know Jesus was real, and that my sister was ok in his arms. she didn’t past away fast she was in her sick bed she had people praying for her. Now my family was J.W. at the time we didn’t know Christ. But by his grace it took her away to get our attention. Praise God. So know I’m saved by grace but turn from sin what’s that??????????????? I kept living for me thanking God I was saved but never got serous about serving him a few years past and I started going to church got baptize Amen you wood say!!!!!!! Then I fell out and started living for me again.

God called me a second time. I knew I was suppose to spreading his word. But I was back in PR whit my friends my son living fir me doing it all on my own strength I started my own business and Sade God! bless the works of my hands knowing in my hart he was calling me to his plan. I made a lot of mistakes trust me I learn my lesson you wood say!
So I lost every thing apt, car, my son, friends, lost everything. then moved back to the US
Started all over again. Living more for him less for my self but not 100% yet.

Now he calls for the third time wow!!!!!!!! I get my self back on my feet living for him concentrating on getting my life back. I meet the most beautiful woman ever she’s my Eave I’m like God this time I’m not messing my life up so I prayed and boy did we pray. But he still wanted me to go deeper in him. I got out of his will some how. not about the marriage but about my relationship whit him and what he has called me to. Now I’m having problems whit my wife we are separated I’m like……..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is wrong whit me my life. But then I’m praying God what is going on I surrender I cant do this I have lost it all friends my son my wife. Now my eyes are opened he wants me
To be in his will 100% of the time. He has called me to do some thing more than I was doing what is it I don’t know yet. But I do know that I’m letting it all go this time and not leaning to my own understanding. Like a Good friend ask me once have you ever ask God to order your steps? That when I realize that I wanted to live my life and had God follow me all over But that question made me think. I must be doing the following.

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