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Poem: Heart of Compassion?

Do you regularly wear an invisible,

‘do not disturb’ sign around your neck?

Are you on a real mission for The Kingdom

or on the adventure of a personal trek?

Can you be moved to help without limitations?

Are you consistently viewed as unapproachable?

Does your mind reflect an attitude of a servant?

Remember that genuine Love is always actionable.

Forget about the wickedness of the World,

for we are still the hands and feet of Christ.

The day of…


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I Carried His Cross

I Carried His Cross

Dean Beaty, 1/3/2002

Luke 15:21

I entered one day that great city and passed by the Judgment Hall.

An angry mob had gathered for His crucifixion they had called.

I saw there the man called Jesus, beaten and whipped and scarred.

His face had become so disfigured, like none other had it been marred.

He carried His cross till He stumbled, weakened from beatings they gave.

Then someone said, “Put it on Simon…” so I carried His cross…


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Overcoming Them!

o·ver·come; ōvərˈkəm/: verb

1. succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).

Example: "she worked hard to overcome her paralyzing shyness"

synonyms: get the better of, prevail over, control, get/bring under control, master, conquer, defeat, beat;

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John…


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Poem: Costly Signal

Regarding the absolute authority of God,

it’s crazy, silly and futile to rebel;

know that everyone will ultimately bow,

before His throne or the gates of Hell.

Foolishness of God exceeds Mankind’s wisdom;

hidden are the keys of His profound mystery.

We are inspired with awe without intimidation,

knowing that He was crucified upon that Tree.

Acknowledge His deeds, since He loved us first;

worship Him now; His precepts we’re to observe.



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Poem: Power of Contentment

The power of contentment is a strong force,

composed of the sense of inward sufficiency;

for we’ve been promised the strength to succeed

when we open spiritual eyes and dare to see…

His divine plan of grace and abundance for us.

Christ, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end,

demonstrated His Love with actions at Calvary,

giving us the privilege to be called His friend.

We should not be worried about personal needs,

for we’ve been equipped to address…


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While waiting on the Lord for His word, that I should share with an associate Church -"Kartharin Kaarunya Pentecostal Church", in Kaveripattinam on 26.01.2014, the Lord taught by His Holy Spirit few things from a very familiar scripture in Luke. 17: 11-19.


 jesus Was passing through…


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Poem: Not Concerned

O my Lord, I am not concerned,

with things that do not involve me.

Let all forms of pride or haughtiness,

be set aside and permanently forgotten.

Let me bask under Your righteousness.

O my Lord, I am not concerned,

with silly, worldly desires of vanity,

which are solely designed to distract me.

As one of Your children, let me be content

with my Kingdom purpose and Your decrees.

O my Lord, I am not concerned,

with the weariness of this human…


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Poem: Poiema

Though I strive for real Word quality,

some people still get upset with me,

regarding spiritual constructs I write,

having been offended by Truths I see.

Within the depths of my Christian poetry,

I share faith’s expression and creativity,

seeking a balance of confession and worship,

in understanding how my dear Lord views me.

Since Creation, a complete scope of Humanity,

has been already defined with God’s artistry-

for He breathed life into us,…


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Invitations from Elohim ~ The Invitation to Worship

 “Come, let’s bow down and worship;let’s kneel before Adonai who made us.” Psalm 95:6 CJB

One expressed concept that stands out in scripture is worship. Worship is the humble response of men to the self disclosure of the most high God.” ( The definition makes it clear that worship happens at the…


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Invitations from Elohim ~ Invitation to Wait

They that wait upon the Adonai shall renew their strength”Yesha'yahu (Isaiah ) 40:31

Oh man hit me self right on the head why not?? But really it is the hardest thing to do for most of us ... wait.. asked mom for a cookie ... wait... got to go to school catch a buis colsd weather ... wait... grow up go out to date ... wait .. seems we wait for a lot of things, and in todays…


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Invitations From Elohim

Hard to believe it some times, let alone understand the fact that we have received and will receive a constant supply of invitations from Elohim . Some are general, open to any one willing to listen, some are specific or even personal and intimate. BUT ALL ARE PERFECT as He is perfect.

Zimun is the ancient word today in modern Hebrew it is hazmanah which means time or prepare or to designate for a purpose. We can find the word in such places as Shehecheyyanu…


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Poem: Within My Heart

Can the pain of human suffering

prevent me from being made whole?

How should I properly express

the inner dimensions of my soul?

Can the depth of my understanding

reach that of King Solomon’s intellect?

How often must I pray to receive

answers from the Divine architect?

Thankfully, my Lord is merciful,

gracious and patient with me;

for I carefully consume His Word,

wanting these blind eyes to see.

The treasure of Your Word’s…


Added by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd on January 9, 2014 at 6:37am — No Comments

Adam and Eve...A Fable?

In March 2013 a new Pope was elected to head the Catholic Church.  Pope Francis has quickly become the most popular Pope in history. His choice of name Francis (for St. Francis of Assisi) was done so because of his concern over the well-being of the poor.  He has gained popularity with the…


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Bible verses about unholy…

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Poem: With Assurance, Confidence and Boldness

It’s true; I can never be separated,

from the eternal Love of my Lord.

No possible form of earthly trouble,

can take away Salvation’s reward.

The times of tribulations will pass,

be it suffering, calamity or distress.

Christ’s seed of righteousness in me,

brings forth the joy of sacred rest.

With my faith, I will persevere,

moving through today’s affliction.

Since I belong to Him, victory is…

already promised, under His horizon.



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Poem: Pursuit of Holiness

The flesh lusts daily against the Spirit

and the Spirit wars contrary to the flesh.

The opposing tenets of grace and iniquity

can never with each other… completely mesh.

For the redeemed sinners operate by grace,

while the practitioners of unrighteousness

prefer the dark, ungodly ways of wickedness

and will not inherit the Kingdom’s fullness.

Fleshly works are clearly evident: adultery,

fornication, idolatry, sorcery, uncleanness,



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Season Blessing

Jesus have come that you can over come anything that is set in front of you. Remember all thing are possible to him that believe and blessed the Lord who daily loads us with benefits and a heart at Peace give life to the body and behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me. God shall supply all your need according to His…


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Poem: The Partridge in the Pear Tree

The symbolism of this Christmas classic

has a second, hidden meaning for the ages.

For this song has an ulterior motive,

contained in verses that seem outrageous.

Christ is the truest fulfillment of Love,

in the primary doctrine of Christianity;

therefore, He is the focus of each refrain,

being the sin offering on Crucifixion’s tree.

The pair of turtle doves represents books,

volumes of both the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible embodies…


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Wife a helper to her husband

Wife a helper and support to her husband


Proverbs 31:25 - Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.


In India from November starts the marriage season, so there are marriages after marriages happening there. In a place call Mangalore for a marriage and they being Catholic were full of…


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