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The love of beauty is all common people, especially for some young women, to yourself is more demanding, so many people even in order to harm their own health, but long time like this very seriously harm their health will really. In fact, to shape a good figure, wearing the MBT health shoes can achieve. A lot of people know MBT health shoes, but not…


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MBT Karibu Shoes White Womens

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MBT is a new concept of the shoes, which was developed by the Swiss barefoot technology companies, now has more than 10 years of history, because of its overall design used in ship design, not only in the style is novel, the most important is to human health care functions, it is precisely because of this, so it is a new concept of…


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Poem: Hymnody

Within the sacred music of worship,

we’re to open our hearts and sing;

flowing from our tongues should be…

genuine praises for Christ our King!

Though the structure of songs vary

between spirituals, hymns and psalms,

in every instance, we acknowledge Him

with our uplifted bosoms and palms.

In making joyful noises unto our Lord,

there’s a freedom of melodic release;

unashamedly, we honor Him together-

contented in our sense of inner…


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MBT womens mens casual shoes extra wide

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MBT shoes can stimulate the hip muscles, let the muscles to reduce the lateral extension may, so as to achieve the effect of MBT shoes hip by feet nerve stimulation, achieve the taut muscles, abdominal muscle function. In order to help people understand the MBT outdoor shoes, so the correct choice to use MBT shoes, special explanation about MBT…


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MBT womens mens casual shoes black

MBT Kesho Casual Shoes Military

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MBT health shoes mainly through every step so that the leg muscles to get more exercise, so that the leg lines become more beautifully proportioned, mbt specially designed website the MBT health shoes can shock and reduce the risk of joint sprain. The difference between MBT and traditional health shoes shoes that conventional footwear is designed to…


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MBT womens women's casual shoes brands

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MBT can help treat back, hips, legs and feet, as well as related to muscle and ligament and tendon medical condition.MBT shoes care, slimming effect by many people questioned, as the saying goes "True gold does not fear fire", now come to have a look MBT shoes by test results. MBT helps to improve the standing posture, burn more calories, so it has to…


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MBT ignore use muscle: improve posture and step adjustment and capital; shape; can help improve the back, hips, legs and feet; can help joints, muscles, ligaments and a few pieces of damage healed; reduce the pressure on knee and bone MBT Swiss shoes, can drive whole body movement of cognition. With the unique MBT shoes…


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MBT Kesho Casual Shoes Military

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MBT, is now a popular health shoes. Shape than it was in "hole shoes" is an ugly, nature is to win by its solid "exercise to benefit the internal organs", have a look of the global celebrity touted as a "mini Stadium" Swiss MBT leading technology and healthy hiking shoes! cheap MBT…


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MBT is Masai Barefoot Technology shoes are developed and marketed in 1996 as a function of shoes. The shoe soles similar ship of the arc, so that the person wearing the produce stand and walk a day in the course of However, the feeling of instability, stimulate the body's own balance adjustment mechanism to mobilize muscles and bones…


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Crying and Reaching out....does any1 hear me............

Im not feeling the way I do just to seek attention. 

I have been crying out, reching out, asking for help, no one listens. They see me, they hear me, they laugh at me, they shake their heads as they walk past me.

I am afraid of many things. Especially death.  To continue to live in such fear and such…


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Poem: Hamartia

Do I need to repeat bad mistakes

of judgment as the prodigal son?

Does shortcomings of Christianity

prevent me from having some fun?

Having a head filled with knowledge

and a restless spirit yearning to feel,

when I’m completely pulled unto Him,

how much of my true self is revealed?

Born into this earthly realm of sin,

I begin life already missing His mark;

falling short of divine perfection,

unto His voice alone I must hearken



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Deadline loom for NC eugenics victims

— In 1948, as Naomi Schenck was rushed into a North Carolina operating room because she was having a miscarriage, the then-17-year-old newlywed heard a doctor say: "Cut her."

"I didn't know what 'cut her' meant," said Schenck, now 83. She soon found out: Schenck said she was given a spinal tap and then sterilized against her will. Some 7,600 others were sterilized from 1929 to 1974 under the state's eugenics program. Most were either forced…


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Jonathans Loyalty

And it cometh to pass, when he finisheth to speak unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan hath been bound to the soul of David, and Jonathan loveth him as his own soul.

And Saul taketh him on that day, and hath not permitted him to turn back to the house of his father.…


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Poem: In Him Alone

In Him alone, I find perfect rest for my spirit.

My soul’s satisfaction is girded by Salvation;

Christ is my rock, my fortress of protection,

and the lasting source of my Faith’s foundation.

In Him alone, I place my entire, unshaken trust.

Today, the enemy continues to assault my soul,

using his pain weapon of lie-laden speech;

yet, His Love exudes power that makes me whole.

In Him alone, I have placed my heart’s hope.

My dependence, remains on…


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Financing The Kingdom part 2

Grace and Peace to All Kingdom Citizens!

In picking right up from last months lesson when you are instructed in the kingdom of God and you are appropriating the blessing by faith you have turned the tables in your life  from chaos to a peaceful resting place.  The field you plant will become a forest and the waste places become occupied again because the blessing of Eden is…


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Electricity is a lot like breathing, you really do not think about it much until it goes missing ! All it takes is for you to walk into a dark room and hit a useless switch to realize how much power has become important to your daily life. “You YHWH (God) are awesome in your sanctuary the God of Israel…


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Poem: Christian Ideals

Absolutely essential, for saved people,

is the true concept of Christian ideals.

For they serve as inspirational guidelines,

in the development of holy, inner steel.

These ideals motivate Christians to action,

on behalf of the Christ, within His Will.

In addition, one strives to humbly live,

without the trappings of religious frills.

These principles affect one’s attitude,

in doing what aught to be done in service.

They provide vision with sacred…


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Poem: Shout Hosanna!

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Salvation is near.

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Salvation is near.

Lift up your voice,

come lend your ears;

hear the message of Love

and joyfully rejoice!

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Save us, Dear Lord.

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Save us, Dear Lord.

Soften our hearts,

teach us Your Word;

draw us closer to You;

keep us, in one accord!

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Your mercy is here.

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Your mercy is…


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Poem: Overcoming Evil with Good (Spiritual Secret)

Ongoing failures of the Church to act,

will guarantee the sure success of evil;

for faith without works is… still dead

and visible today is spiritual upheaval.

The internal chasm between the members

of both sides -the presbytery and laity-

must be bridged with faithful cooperation,

girded with policies that last permanently.

Even today, God is quietly waiting on the Body,

while the unsaved are queued up for Hell.

Individual Faith is a person’s…


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