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Poem: Let Me Touch His Garment

Many doctors had failed to heal her;

her wealth was gone; unable to cope,

seemingly having no options left, she…

faced the idea of being bereft of hope.

A difficult issue of continual bleeding,

had bothered this woman for twelve years;

purposely maneuvering through the crowd,

she hoped to meet Christ, and draw near.

“If only, I could physically touch Him,

my personal need can be forever met.”

Summoning the last of her inner strength,…


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Poem: Analysis of the Game of Risk?

Are there real lessons to be learned,

from playing the board Game of Risk?

Is it just a fun, leisurely past time

with gameplay that can be fairly brisk?

Its premise promotes outright conflict,

albeit on a miniature scale and timetable.

With some posturing and open discussions,

attacks proceed without mortality tables.

Between uneasy alliances (based on lies)

and few verbal, unenforceable treaties,

what attitudes are honed while…


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Poem: Intoxicated

O my gracious Lord,

I come into Your Presence,

wanting to touch Your Essence

and to become intoxicated

via Your Holy Spirit.

Let Your joy overflow

over this broken vessel,

as souls quietly wrestle

with faith’s development

in fear and trembling.

Permit me, patient Lord,

to let troubles fade away

temporarily on this day,

as I commune with You

and meditate Your Holy Writ.

O Lord, stir my heart;

pierce its…


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Wishing Witch

Wishing Witch

My Halloween screenplay is funny as can be

It’s funny how witchcraft is what we need to see

Brewing up trouble with all your classmates

The teacher will get angry, make no mistake

Crazy riddles from a child can be so scary

Being her classmate leaves you feeling wary

You may start a princess and end as a boar

As her riddles will leave you in an uproar

Will you return to normal after all this nonsense

Is the question…


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Broken Souls

Broken Souls

I talk to producers of books and screenplays

My tormented farm life strayed my way

Strict sheltered home and harsh realities

Today’s modern world and mental tragedies

Constantly under pressure, was pure and healthy

I find I was repressed by everything I’d see

Never exposed to the world most know

By turning on t.v and watching a show

The day finally came, I had to leave home

To the hard tough world, I felt so…


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Poem: Apostles of Christ

Their humble characteristics are recognizable,

with a lifestyle lacking excess and opulence;

familiar with the idea of “sowing and reaping”,

they know their actions always have consequence.

Apostles of Christ examine ways of Kingdom building,

and are not tied to one specific church location,

for their daily needs are not hierarchically-based.

They avoid wants of gratuitous, personal recognition.

Operating with a pure heart, free of lust for…


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You are probably wondering what I need? Well you know how crazy this economy is----wild! So many businesses shutting down---so many people out of work----so many are just giving up life! I have many friends who use to make really good money working in the system and now they are out of work on food stamps, living with families, and some are even living on the street!

Well I met this man who is helping many across the USA and the world right now....he has helped 44 people become…


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The Warmth Of Homemade

The Warmth Of Homemade

Cooking, freezing, and raspberry jam

Beef stew, salmon pie, and egg rolls out of ham

Quick party foods and a hunters breakfast

Castle cake, feather bed, and little trees for Christmas

Cakes of Dolphin, Smurf, and Muno too

Butterfly, Barbie Doll with thousands of views

Baby items, aprons, and dresses to sew

You can make your own maple syrup, you know

Wreaths, snowmen, and Christmas logs are a craft



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Read All About It


Stories all of 100 years old

Bribery And Blackmail

They have to be retold

Definitions of words have surely changed

as Kilts And Reefers are now explained.

Two Kinds Of Success stories

That Work Both Ways

Stealing From Cities

and the Faithful Toby way

No Poison In The Wallpaper

is History Rewritten

With A Humble Helper

and Powerful Competition

Like a Scene In A Play

The Counterpane Got…


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Lashon Hara - (Loshon Hora) - "Evil Tongue"

The term refers to slanderous speech, gossip, tale bearing, making untrue statements, including statements before all "facts" are checked out.

It also refers to and includes telling a person about another regardless if it is true or false, or even listening to statements. Especially if it is of no concern to our selves.

It also applies to derogatory statements or words that can lessen a persons status including words that can break …


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Poem: Spiritual Upgrade

Something great is happening for me,

regardless of the situations I see;

my Lord is working behind the scene

and I have been spiritually weaned.

Walking by faith and not by sight,

insures that I sleep well at night.

Happily I enter daily into His rest,

knowing that I’m divinely blessed.

I’m often filled with peace and joy,

when sacred Scriptures are employed;

with a heart of a believer’s trust,

I overcome the pain of being concussed



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Kingdom Partnership!

Grace and peace be multiplied to you through the revealed knowledge of God and Jesus The Blessing to all citizens.

Once I allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal the grace behind partnership and how it could effect my life I was dangerous to satan and his wimps from then on.  Strong confidence are with those who fear the LORD and becoming partners with strong ministries…


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New Future Of The Internet

New Future Of The Internet

Cable cost are up too high

You turned to the internet and so have I

My Youtube channel is the way to go

Now I can even make video shows

I group the videos to make a show

To bring you the best of where I go

For kids the mower and stove videos

I also have vehicles and some scarecrows

Kids can watch from morn til night

with lots of things for a kids delight

Light houses, ship building, and horses…


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Poem: Power Thoughts

I’ve decided to not live in fear;

I can do all things through Christ,

Who, with His Word, strengthens me;

God loves this child- unconditionally!

I love different kinds of people

and enjoy helping them with my gifts.

I’ve decided to be difficult to offend;

quick to forgive, repent and befriend

others in the forming of relationships,

helps me in my solo pursuit of peace.

There’s no point to mindlessly hurry,

scurrying about with needless…


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The particular prom continues

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The youngsters can exclusively express

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You ought to make it a point

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