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Poem: Human Candle

O Lord, please let Your Light shine,

-in and through me- hot and brightly;

my Life is Yours and I don’t mind

following Your divine directives;

with The Word, I hope to wick away

Wisdom for a disciplined perspective.

I’ve embraced the idea of transparency,

where my lifestyle is straight, tapered

and upright- with genuine integrity.

Disperse the World’s ongoing darkness,

that seeks to envelop my existence,

with a vibrant flame of Your…


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Poem: Disregarding the Old Regulations?

Yes, we have been discharged from The Law,

but we’re not freed from our responsibility;

as Children of Almighty God, we acknowledge

the duties of our spiritual accountability.

We’re to be obedient to the Spirit’s prompts

and not blindly to a codicil of written rules;

the framework of Godly principles assists us,

when circumstances of Life suddenly turn cruel.

The underlying difference is when perspective

changes from a slave to one of His…


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Poem: Never in Jeopardy

Some days seem to be strangely ominous

and I’m reluctant to leave my comfy bed;

therefore, I clothe myself with Truth,

since I have nothing to fear or dread.

The inspirational courage of Your Word,

girds the frailty of my spiritual essence.

Wherever, I willfully determine to go,

I’m comforted by Your nearby Presence.

Despite the many, evil distortions,

created by human desire and wickedness,

I’m not motivated by fear, circumstance



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Poem: Religious Brands

It’s really shameful to acknowledge

the divisiveness of all denominations;

a continuing lack of understanding is…

diluting Love’s message of Salvation.

The ongoing promotion of religious brands

has not convinced or impressed the World;

the wholeness of God’s holy Word must be

embraced by everyone, as His boys and girls.

These current disagreements and hostilities

of religious debates waste our precious time;

clearly a lack of…


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Poem: Conviction or Condemnation?

His Word, never instructs us to feel guilty;

however, the issue of repentance is different.

The Holy Spirit brings conviction out in us,

which serves as a catalyst for personal change.

For we need to grow and not remain indifferent

to the needs of people who intersect our lives.

Condemnation breeds both shame and discontent,

whereby our eyes are cast down away from Christ.

Condemnation negatively pulls at our spirit

and fragile heart in…


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Poem: Finding Holy Ground

Finding Holy Ground frequently,

should be much easier these days;

isn’t it wherever we happen to go,

since His presence abides with us?

Haven’t we accepted His higher ways?

Are His precepts and promises hidden,

inside the stony temple of our hearts?

Do we desire to mesh our wills with His?

Are we making proper, daily sacrifices

of attitudes- without being torn apart?

Can our speech be free of covetousness?

Will we learn to be…


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Does your past have you twisted and confused?

Does your past have you twisted and confused not knowing what to do? Are there any shadows that lurk in the dark? What about those tormenting thoughts that echo in the still of the night? I’m the Author of, "My Past Was Just A Set Up For My Future." Many times in our adult life we think or feel that we have master the hurts of our past, but yet in reality we just buried them hoping that the memories of yesterday are long gone. We go about life as usual and we think we're…


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Poem: Y-O-L-O

You Only Live Once,

is an idealized concept,

fashioned by the foolish

and selfishness of heart.

Choosing to be self-deceived,

living under a false impression,

they hope that Jehovah’s grace

has been divinely imparted…

allowing them to operate without

constraints of accountability,

responsibility or personal decorum-

while lacking regard towards others.

Within this social, earthly plane,

our temporary encasement of…


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The Passion Of The Christ

The Bridge To Life Radio Presents: The Passion Of The Christ on Working Christians In Progress. 12pm CST/6pm GMT.

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Poem: Moral Disposition

O Lord, how I appreciate having my character,

free from the carnal lust of mammon; for I,

don’t have to be concerned with avarice, greed

or the presence of possessions… that I can eye!

I’m truly thankful for my current circumstance,

knowing that You have promised to never fail me;

therefore, I’ll trust Your continued support-

since I’ve been grafted into… The Living Tree!

Having been comforted and encouraged, with boldness

and confidence, I…


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Poem: Invite, Thank, Trust and Serve

What is it, that really stops you,

from inviting Christ into your heart?

Are you afraid of the responsibilities

or opportunities that can be imparted?

Have you taken quality time to thank God,

for the many blessings you’ve received?

How do you describe your current lifestyle-

living victoriously or partially relieved?

Where are you placing your trust each day?

Do you posses false hope in World systems,

or Hope in the principles of The…


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Poem: Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

With all of your mind, can you imagine…

living a sacred and a victorious Life,

whereby you become more like The Christ?

With all of your heart, can you believe…

that you’re covered by His righteousness

and an embodiment of God’s poetic finesse?

With all of your might, can you achieve…

the desires that He has purposed for you?

Can you envision His promises coming true

when daring to imagine, believe and trust Him?

Only your lack of…


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I watched the live program on TBN this past Monday night on March 9th, 2015-----DID YOU?

If you missed it here is the link! It is URGENT that you and your family WATCH and PRAY now for Israel and the Nations, including USA.

We are entering some very prophetic times! Benjamin N is having a new election in Israel on the 17th of March and following we will be entering the solar (SUN) eclipse! Later we will be observing the PASSOVER FEAST on the HOLY SABBATH (7th day-Saturday) and…


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Poem: Unfettered

Within this broad lifestyle of Christianity,

I’m unshackled from ideas of fear and hate;

though I may deal with bouts of self-worth,

my God-given path is righteous and straight.

I’m not bound by dictates of any work clock,

since the freedom to love God is in my heart.

Daily reminders of my Lord are surrounding me,

within The Word constraints of my poetic art.

I wish to live my life with keen transparency,

unburdened by the deadly sin of…


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Overcoming By the Word of Your Testimony and the Authority of Christ That Accompanies the Holy Spirit

Sometimes, I just be sitting and I will receive a revelation out of the blue. I guess out of the blue is a good way to put it, if you consider the blue to be the sky. The sky goes up and up, and up above is where the sender of the Holy Spirit sits. Obviously, what be revealed to me is a revelation of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, it’s a fresh revelation and sometimes it a refresher to my memory of what has been revealed before.…


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Poem: Greater Things

With assistance of the Holy Spirit,

compelling achievements will be seen;

supernatural strength is available to…

overcome the nonsense of human routine.

As His responsible Christians today,

we must mature and have understanding

of the authority and power given us

by Christ, to address Life’s demanding.

When we have not, it’s the direct result

of not asking for… what we really need.

Working from our natural strength fails,



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Poem: Intimacy with God

Not paralyzed with constraints of obligation,

I’m able to converse with my Lord on any topic.

Towards me, His ongoing Love is without reserve;

new mercies flow- with a Grace that is melodic.

Inside each of us, is a God-shaped hole,

which can be satisfied by Him exclusively;

nothing in Life is off-limits with Jehovah,

for He alone examines our hearts and sees

what is invisible to others- inner desires

to drawer closer in relationship with…


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STOP PAIN NATURALLY! Earn Money Working From Your Home or Office!

Deuteronomy 8:18

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.

If you know anyone suffering with pain and want to help them please take the time to watch this short video of my coach and millionaire mentor explaining this great discovery! This is a global opportunity---been around 11 years and will be…


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Poem: Turned Inwardly?

God’s compassion is directed outwardly,

while self-pity is an ugly form of idolatry.

Abject misery will be guaranteed, when…

you’re centered on the selfish ego of “me”!

If you’re focused on your own misfortunes,

then you’re going to miss out on blessings;

concepts of personal happiness are fleeting;

therefore, realize what makes hearts sing

with an everlasting, unadulterated joy!

Ministering to others creates opportunities

for spiritual…


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Poem: Untroubled Heart (II)

O Lord, perfect Your sacred Love in me;

show me how to have the proper boldness

for conducting myself humbly each day;

only a covering of Your righteousness

will allow me to enjoy Your new mercies.

Teach me to appreciate Your divine Grace;

please insure that I’m not after Your hands

of blessing, but that I’m seeking Your face.

I’m diligently feasting on Your Holy Word;

sate my spiritual hunger and thirst for You!

You are the Bread…


Added by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd on February 12, 2015 at 8:03am — No Comments

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