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Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Defeat the Giants

Use the correct perspective,based on God’s spiritual view-for there will be Goliaths,standing defiantly before you.Know that you’re His child!Anyone can be strong, when leaningon his relationship with Christ.Run into the battle speaking…against the hostile opposition,when the situation appears grim.Acknowledge your sacred covenantand your divine identity in Him!Though the enemy comes against you,your weakness in the time of crisiscan be transformed into holy strength;use your God-given,…See More
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Apr 11
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: In His Hands

Although I’m still clay,upon God’s pottery wheel,He continues to mold me.Fashioned after His image,He reworks this human vesselto accomplish what He sees…in the combination of giftsthat were previously bestowed,into this elysian creation.Mirroring Christ’s brokenness,I can share in His suffering,from fully embracing Salvation.Free of the law of sin and death,my unveiled face radiates His Love,as I am ‘taking back the land’.Living under my Savior’s authority,I am forever grateful and thankful-to…See More
Apr 10
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem/Song: Seeing Clearly?

Am I living from a place ofblind fear or abundant love?What messages are coming through-from the endless Kingdom above?Daily I endeavor to live,the life I have imagined;will my dreams be realized?Will my future be fashioned?Is my faith more thanan illusional contrivance?What am I doing wrong,since I’m wanting guidance?The infinity of my soulcontinues to slowly unfold;will the value of my being,be weighed as purified gold?BridgeAm I afraid of failure orthe possibilities of success?Can I overcome…See More
Mar 20
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: The Whisper Inside

In my quiet morning moments,I seek Your Presence today,wanting time at Your side.Without You, I can do nothing;this is a sliver of Your truthand not a statement of vain pride.Still hungry for more of You,is my heart’s humble claim;don’t let me remain… teary-eyed.Long ago, I accepted Truth found-in Your Word, there are answersfor overcoming problems in stride.Despite simplicity of my ideals,I seek a fruitful life of success,with Your, sacred principles applied.During these times of imposed…See More
Feb 21
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Heart of Compassion?

Do you regularly wear an invisible,‘do not disturb’ sign around your neck?Are you on a real mission for The Kingdomor on the adventure of a personal trek?Can you be moved to help without limitations?Are you consistently viewed as unapproachable?Does your mind reflect an attitude of a servant?Remember that genuine Love is always actionable.Forget about the wickedness of the World,for we are still the hands and feet of Christ.The day of reckoning will eventually come.Are you really living a…See More
Feb 12
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Costly Signal

Regarding the absolute authority of God,it’s crazy, silly and futile to rebel;know that everyone will ultimately bow,before His throne or the gates of Hell.Foolishness of God exceeds Mankind’s wisdom;hidden are the keys of His profound mystery.We are inspired with awe without intimidation,knowing that He was crucified upon that Tree.Acknowledge His deeds, since He loved us first;worship Him now; His precepts we’re to observe.Bask unashamedly in the Presence of His Spirit;know that we have been…See More
Feb 5
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Power of Contentment

The power of contentment is a strong force,composed of the sense of inward sufficiency;for we’ve been promised the strength to succeedwhen we open spiritual eyes and dare to see…His divine plan of grace and abundance for us.Christ, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end,demonstrated His Love with actions at Calvary,giving us the privilege to be called His friend.We should not be worried about personal needs,for we’ve been equipped to address all of them;study The Word, apply His principles to…See More
Jan 29
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Not Concerned

O my Lord, I am not concerned,with things that do not involve me.Let all forms of pride or haughtiness,be set aside and permanently forgotten.Let me bask under Your righteousness.O my Lord, I am not concerned,with silly, worldly desires of vanity,which are solely designed to distract me.As one of Your children, let me be contentwith my Kingdom purpose and Your decrees.O my Lord, I am not concerned,with the weariness of this human flesh,since I have chosen to place my hope in You.Thank You, for…See More
Jan 23
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Poiema

Though I strive for real Word quality,some people still get upset with me,regarding spiritual constructs I write,having been offended by Truths I see.Within the depths of my Christian poetry,I share faith’s expression and creativity,seeking a balance of confession and worship,in understanding how my dear Lord views me.Since Creation, a complete scope of Humanity,has been already defined with God’s artistry-for He breathed life into us, His workmanship,an earthly, sacred array of divine…See More
Jan 16
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: Within My Heart

Can the pain of human sufferingprevent me from being made whole?How should I properly expressthe inner dimensions of my soul?Can the depth of my understandingreach that of King Solomon’s intellect?How often must I pray to receiveanswers from the Divine architect?Thankfully, my Lord is merciful,gracious and patient with me;for I carefully consume His Word,wanting these blind eyes to see.The treasure of Your Word’s worthfor me and my life will never depart.O my Lord, I desire to do Your will,for…See More
Jan 9
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post

Poem: With Assurance, Confidence and Boldness

It’s true; I can never be separated,from the eternal Love of my Lord.No possible form of earthly trouble,can take away Salvation’s reward.The times of tribulations will pass,be it suffering, calamity or distress.Christ’s seed of righteousness in me,brings forth the joy of sacred rest.With my faith, I will persevere,moving through today’s affliction.Since I belong to Him, victory is…already promised, under His horizon.When the date of my final judgment comes,I will stand before Him and be…See More
Jan 3

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I'm an IT professional and published poet.
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Raised Baptist and converted to Pentacostal.
Favorite Activities
Poetry, backgammon, Bunganut Lake
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Does it really matter?
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Logic, when applied to people, fails miserably! --Joseph J. Breunig 3rd
What would you say is your Spiritual gift?

Joseph J. Breunig 3rd's Blog

Poem: Defeat the Giants

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 1:17pm 0 Comments

Use the correct perspective,

based on God’s spiritual view-

for there will be Goliaths,

standing defiantly before you.

Know that you’re His child!

Anyone can be strong, when leaning

on his relationship with Christ.

Run into the battle speaking…

against the hostile opposition,

when the situation appears grim.

Acknowledge your sacred covenant

and your divine identity in Him!

Though the enemy comes against you,

your weakness in the…


Poem: In His Hands

Posted on April 10, 2014 at 6:17am 0 Comments

Although I’m still clay,

upon God’s pottery wheel,

He continues to mold me.

Fashioned after His image,

He reworks this human vessel

to accomplish what He sees…

in the combination of gifts

that were previously bestowed,

into this elysian creation.

Mirroring Christ’s brokenness,

I can share in His suffering,

from fully embracing Salvation.

Free of the law of sin and death,

my unveiled face radiates His Love,

as I am ‘taking…


Poem: Beatitudes

Posted on April 3, 2014 at 5:55am 0 Comments

The ‘Be happy attitudes’ uttered by Christ,

demonstrate a mindset that we need to embrace.

Hungering after God’s divine righteousness,

gives us comfort in His covering of grace.

Be dependent on God, for bearing good fruit;

know that it’s still wonderful to be blessed.

Everyone is important, since we’re His children;

unfortunately, not all will pass the sacred test…

of walking in the principles of God’s love.

Despite our status in life,…


Poem: As It Is Written

Posted on March 27, 2014 at 8:01am 0 Comments

Where one’s mind goes,

the Man will always follow.

Are you paying attention

to what may be tomorrow?


Faith always agrees with God

and the messages of His Word.

Take random thoughts captive.

Is it Him, that you’ve heard?


Be freed from mental bondages;

improve your thinking today.

Read the Biblical instructions

and get a new life underway.


Meditate on the Scriptures.

Reduce your inner turmoil;

Pray for…


Poem/Song: Seeing Clearly?

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 7:08am 0 Comments

Am I living from a place of

blind fear or abundant love?

What messages are coming through-

from the endless Kingdom above?

Daily I endeavor to live,

the life I have imagined;

will my dreams be realized?

Will my future be fashioned?

Is my faith more than

an illusional contrivance?

What am I doing wrong,

since I’m wanting guidance?

The infinity of my soul

continues to slowly unfold;

will the value of my…


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At 5:11pm on October 26, 2012, Skip Bertsch said…

Well I have been The lead singer and Started the Band Mercy's Edge almost 20 years ago ......we are mainly Just Worship These Days .... But We love to Rock!  They have been my best friends for all of that time ......"Zeke's Wheel"  I started singing and Writing with them in about 1999 ....... But we don't do much together anymore  .....

2 different Bands 2 different groups of Guys with me as the Lead singer for both

At 4:20pm on October 25, 2012, John G. Roberts said…

Joni – Life After Death – Dr. Jim Garlow

Joni – Near Death Experience – Jim Maxim

At 1:50am on March 31, 2012, Judith said…

Hi Joseph, congratulations on having your profile featured here on LIBAW.

I am quite new here myself, please feel free to visit my profile page.

Take care and remember,

God loves you

From Judith in the UK

At 11:12pm on March 29, 2012, Rev.Remegio CBlanco said…

Dear Sir Joseph please visit us here in the Philippines and minister to us.

At 10:48pm on December 30, 2011, PROPHETESS CAROL said…

Happy New Year

At 7:27pm on October 22, 2011, Amy Poindexter said…
Hi Joe ! apreciate you for accepting my request God Bless
At 4:40pm on August 3, 2011, Rev.Remegio CBlanco said…
Dear Sir Joseph, would you please accept me to be one of your friends?
At 4:34pm on December 14, 2010, Ruth said…

Very deep meaningful poetry.

Blessings on you as you write from the flow of the Holy Spirit lilving thru you.

At 9:13pm on November 7, 2010, Pastor Qaisar Anwar said…
How to Know God

In the Bible, God tells us that he created us to have unending fellowship with him, peace with our fellow man, harmony and joy within our family relationships, and to have dominion over the world in which he placed us. But we chose to go another way.

We learn in the same Bible that we, through our forefathers, chose to live our lives for ourselves, rather than to have fellowship with God. This choice of selfishness lead to our earthly death, to no peace with our fellow man, to disharmony and sadness within our family relationships, and to a lack of proper care of the world in which he placed us. Because of this, our future changed to one of eternal separation from fellowship with God after death, completely without hope of joy or peace.

The Bible goes on to record how God provided the remedy for our chosen path of selfishness. He came to us in the form of his son Jesus Christ. This son lived a life of fellowship, peace, harmony, and joy in full fellowship with God. Though innocent of any wrongdoing, he voluntarily allowed himself to suffer and die as a guilty lawbreaker, and received upon himself the full penalty of our selfishness by death on a cross.

The wonderful conclusion recorded in the Bible is that this Jesus rose from the dead and returned to God. He is forever our representative before God. He enables us today to enjoy fellowship with God, peace with our fellow man, harmony and joy within our family relationships, and to exercise proper dominion over this world in which he has placed us. We need only to pray and ask him to come in and rule in our hearts and lives.

Simply talk to God and say, "Thank you, God, for loving me and sending your Son to die on the cross for the wrongs I have done. I now choose to make Jesus the Lord of my life. Help me to be the kind of person that You want me to be. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
At 9:18am on October 12, 2010, God's Ultimate Weapon Ministry said…

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