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Started by LaKeyah Nicole Harper. Last reply by Debbie_LIBAW Dec 7, 2011. 2 Replies


I need help!

Started by Jorge Ayala. Last reply by John M. Edwards Jr. Jul 27, 2011. 19 Replies

Hi everyone from Libaw.... Idk where to start. Couple of days ago I had a dream, and in this dream there was lots of blury parts but out of all those parts what I could remember was that, there was a…Continue

Small made Large

Started by KORDELL Apr 29, 2011. 0 Replies

You know something happened to me last weekend that I thought I must share. I had a church debate with the moot reading the bible from a blackberry phone will cause a distraction to everyone if…Continue

"In His Light"

Started by Mark Glamack "Littluns". Last reply by Mark Glamack "Littluns" Jan 24, 2011. 3 Replies

For some time now, many parents and others have voiced their concerns about popular books that send the wrong messages to impressionable minds. Many people talk about their concerns, but few new…Continue

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Comment by Elsie Mckenzie on July 8, 2014 at 3:10pm

Hello  friends


My name is Elsie Mckenzie  I am a non-profit founder.  Website is   we are tax exempt and 501-c3 status and we’ve been in business for 10 years on paper. We found a property in Troup County Ga to start our program there.  I am looking for a grant writer, who can help us; with the grants and volunteers to help us with fund raising.  There are two ways someone can help us with fund raising by promoting our website there’s a PayPal button at the website if God touched the person’s heart they can make a taxable donation.  Our goal is for our website to go viral so more people with know about our program. # 2) we have a Christian dating site.   you can let forward our site to singles for them to sign up there for friendship fellowship with different singles around the world. We have a basic membership and a premium one, if the person decides to become a premium member which is under ten dollars. It will help us support our programs. Please if anyone have questions please send me a private message. thanks  I also have a face book page you can find me by typing my name.

Comment by LaKeyah Nicole Harper on December 7, 2011 at 6:45am

Look where HE brought me from! HE brought me from a mighty long way!

Comment by Amy Poindexter on October 23, 2011 at 12:47pm
Im one of the lost sheep that wonder off 5 yrs ago and now Ihave found my way back Thank you Jesus for letting me back into your flock!
Comment by Jeffrey Clegg on January 16, 2011 at 4:19am

I have a ministry called Partnering with Perplexed Parents as well as a community on here. It came about as a result of my oldest son, who turned to drugs in middle school. We tried to find support while he was struggling, but to no avail. When he began getting his life back together, (with God using Teen Challenge), God laid it on our heart to start a ministry to parents who are struggling with their kids. We've been blessed with opportunities to help parents through our ministry.

God has blessed us with our son being clean for almost 5 years, he's married to a great girl, and is expecting their 1st child(our 1st grandchild).   

Comment by Steve Huffman on October 13, 2010 at 8:40am
There are not words to thank God for His love and healing, from open-heart surgery to standing next to my bed, 4 hours. The surgons were "awed" at the recovery.This was a great chance to share Gods love for His children. And now, 2 months after, I'm already working and playing with our church band.GODS NAME BE GLORIfied!!!!!
Comment by Roger Perron Jr on July 28, 2010 at 11:05pm
My testimony is to long to put on here,but a lot like the Prodigal Son.I lost everything to a life of drugs and alcohol.30yrs of running from myself,family and friends and a career being a Chef.Life is good now. I received the Lord 5yrs ago and have been clean and sober ever sense. I now work at a Christian based mission called the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission,we help people that suffer from addictions through our Discipleship Program, we also help the the homeless with a place to stay & food until they find jobs and learn a better way of living.
Before I got clean and sober. I hit rock bottom,I had walking pneumonia which turned into influenza-A,I thought I was just detoxing hard but my lungs filled up with fluid and I ended up hyperventilating for about 13 hours.I finally lost all my bodily fluids all at the same time,laying face down on my apartment floor.I felt Gods hand for the first time.While praying and begging for His mercy,I felt him lift me up to my knee's and I was able to crawl to a neighbors for help.The last thing I remember was them tearing my shirt off and putting oxygen on my face.Later I was told I died 5 times in one day,doctors brought me back to life twice in Riverton Wy.Then life flighted me to Salt Lake City Trauma Hospital were they brought me back 3 more times.Doctors later told me that my liver, kidney and small intestines all stopped working as well. I was down to 118lbs,I was in a coma for 12days.It's by Gods grace that I'm alive today and to be able to help others that suffer from addictions. I had a heart attack in November of 08.They had to put a stent in. I feel good though,healthy and back in shape, the Lords not done with me yet.Praise God for Jesus and the new life I live through Him....And for Him..God Bless You All..
Comment by Cheryl Moore on June 15, 2010 at 8:28pm
I came to the Lord at the age of 23 and a recovering drug addict. See at the end of the drug lifestyle, I hit rock bottom. I found myself on a cliff ready to commit suicide when God spoke to me and told me that he had WORKS for me to do. I walked off the cliff that night, drove to the nearest emergency room and committed myself to a 90 day rehab program. By the grace of God, I have never gone back or even looked back. All good things in my life have come to me through God. I now honor him through my gift of singing. I use my testimony and gift to minister to others as often as I can. GOD is GREAT!
Comment by Steve Huffman on June 11, 2010 at 6:57am
With every challenge in our lives I have known Gods grace and peace, and in this set of circumstances, that is no diffrent. But I have felt fear try to slip in, and I have been feeling guility, like I was doubting God. But like the good father He is, he reminded me last night that even our precious Lord Jesus cried and ask that his cup pass from Him, but still was willing to do what God had placed before him. I don't want whats on my plate right now, but still I see many oppertunitys to share Gods love and grace with the people who are in frighting situations like I am. So with Gods guidance and patience and love I'm going to walk in trust that He has never left my side, and face this and share that peace with all I meet and use this as another chance to reach those who don't know Gods love. If Jesus can face the beatings and the horror of the cross for a sinner like me,(us), I can face this and share the "FACT" that His love and grace is available to all who ask. What an awsome oppertunity and responsability to prove the love of God in all things. Wow, what an honor to be trusted with. So if fear trys to distract you, know without a doubt, your Heavenly Father is right there with you and this is a chance to prove His faithfulness. In His love I share this to encourage your heart and to turn your eyes up to the sorce of all hope and all love and all help.....our Father...Thanks be to God, and God bless you.....Steve
Comment by samuel estrada on June 7, 2010 at 12:56am
well i gave my life to christ at a young age but i got of the path and thats when everything went down. i started getting angry, hated some people just hated for no reason. my mind got messed up bye the things i saw in movies, games, tv. all that got planted in my mind. lust, violents, death. the years went by and i would go to church every know and then but never listend or cared. i started getting really addicted to pornagraphy and watch gore and killing. i went to counslers for years and was on pills for years. i started abusing my pills and just took them to get high. i was around drugs alot with my friends but never did them. but one day made a bad choice and picked up on weed. i did it a lot and spead a lot of money on it. well i one day did more then usally and had a very bad panic attack and i thought i was about to die. so i said i would stop but didnt. i did this three times saying i would stop but the panic attackes wouldnt go away. one day i went to the hospital. i said i didnt feel good but was scared because i just smoked and had another panic attack so was there and later on the day they sent me to river crest a place for people who want to kill them self or drugs. i been there before. i lied and told them that i wanted to kill myself. i wanted to go just to get away from everything. well i got back home and was just losing it. i couldnt sleep. i would cry because i was so tired but couldnt fall asleep. so i just told God that i would start going to church no matter what. so i started going again and God just spoke to in the music and the preaching and i listened. i started reading the bible and i dont know God just changed me i stopped doing thing that i was so addicted to. He saved me from all that stuff and know i just trust on God to help me grow and mature and to be a better, more faithful and obedient child of God. look its not easy its hard one of the hardest things i've ever done but i cant give up and wont. satans end is coming and he will suffer for all he has done. dont get me wrong, yes its hard but its better. you have peace and understanding. love you didnt have before. you have a God that will always be there for you. me myself have to remember this. so stay strong my friend and dont give up
Comment by Steve Huffman on June 4, 2010 at 5:43am
I have given testamony of Gods Grace in saving and forgiving a man like me, but His grace is greater every day. He goes out of His way to prove His love for me,(us), I have been blessed with a peace about life and the threat to my life knowing I can not lose. If I live I share Gods Love with everybody I meet and if He calls me home I get to see our precious saviour and our Father face to face and get the oppertunity to weep on His feet with a heart overwhelmed with thankfulness. My prayer is for all to find this peace in their relationship with our loving Heavenly Father. There is no other place to find peace except in the saving relationship with the Son of our creator, JESUS !!!! In HIS Love....Steve

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