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Prayer for the people of God to come forth in power love and with the baking of all of heaven

Started by Michael E Dutton Apr 27, 2010. 0 Replies

We are setting up a a prayer and praise celebration on our land.  We are establishing a house of prayer to have break-through prayer for our region and our nation and for the Bride to come forth. The…Continue

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Comment by Heather_LIBAW on May 7, 2010 at 10:59pm
Amen Michael, thank you for sharing your experiance and the word you got! That is so true sometimes we get discouraged and fail to see the small beginnings, the little works God is doing in our lives, or that one stranger that smells like alchahol...Praise God for those small beginnings!!
Comment by Michael E Dutton on May 7, 2010 at 7:09pm
While, I was driving up to Ponca from Plattsmouth, praying along the way, the Lord said to me – “Do not despise the day of small beginnings”. So that helped set the stage for me because I was getting a little discourages with 46 degree temps, wind and off and on rain through the day. Nevertheless, a few faithful, diehard intercessors came in the day. I was getting a little discouraged, but remembered the word that God said. So John - my son, Iris - my wife and I went through the prayer trail and Tent of Meating (where you meet with God and get some meat). (I recorded some soaking worship music to play in the tent – perhaps I’ll get around to sending some copies to you…) The contributions of friends like you were valuable in praying for our nation, region, bride and so on.

Right after dinner, (I should say “supper” since people in the mid-west call lunch dinner too), people started pulling in for prayer and the celebration that John was putting together. Despite some rain and chilly wind, people still went through the prayer trail. Moreover, spent some time in the Tent of Meating – praying. Several vehicles showed up with people who actually found the farmstead. About 20 people other than ourselves participated in prayer and then the Youth (John) led celebration… Another house of prayer pastor from Yankton brought a few of her youth, bribing them with pizza and ice cream…

Iris and John made some flags. Iris passed them out and it was interesting to see that all of the adults – many silver haired adults – waving the flags and worshipping to John’s youthful music in the yard. John facilitated some corporate prayer for healing, the house of prayer and the national and regional leaders… Then the wind and rain came back and we went into the house for hot drinks and cookies.

One fellow, Mike B., showed up in his pick-up later in the evening to pick up his wife (name is not Carol). He had his grandson with him and when he rolled down his window, I got a wiff of alcohol from the cab. I invited him in, but he did not want to go inside. Turns out that this was one of Iris’ classmates that she has not seen in 40 years. So there was a little reception by Iris… and Mike eventually went inside (perhaps feeling safer that he knew some of these Christian folk) . I had to leave but received word this morning that John prayed for his arthritic hands and grew out his legs (and his wife’s) and he felt the anointing of God flow thru him. Iris believes it won’t be long before mike will recommit his life to God.

“Do not despise the day of small beginnings”- still rings in my head…

The STRATCOM fellowship, “Equipping the Saints”, is going well too. This too had some small beginnings. It is great to have the group share and let them teach and encourage themselves. I just get to throw some guiding questions and examples at them. God does the rest J - For He is the Lord of the rest J Ha ha ha! Shoomba!
Comment by Michael E Dutton on May 7, 2010 at 7:07pm
Hallelujah Let us continue to pray for break through and lasting revival!
Comment by Isabel Brumley on May 6, 2010 at 1:13pm
Lord I pray for the leaders of our land. I pray that they may have a godly fear and turn toward you! I pray that your principles be published throughout the earth that we may learn righteousness; oh, that we may walk in your ways. Righteousness exalts a nation. Let us love righteousness and hate evil.
Comment by Isabel Brumley on May 6, 2010 at 6:25am
It's a blessing that we are allowed to recognize a national day of prayer. Thank you LORD! We pray that the Lord will cause us to turn from our wicked ways and seek His face. Oh LOrd help us to humble ourselves and put ypu on the throne of our hearts, that you may be glorified in this Nation. There is so much you invested, You shed your blood for us Lord! Your desire is to have a people, zealous of good works. A kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Make it so Lord, oh that we would be that royal priesthood, that chosen generation that brings forth the praises of Him who called us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His dear son! Do it Lord!
Comment by Michael E Dutton on May 5, 2010 at 8:36pm
Father, I want break-though for your goodness and your GLORY to cover the earth as the water's cover the sea. I declare your kingdom and your mandate Lord! That Revival will come to your people, and that we would not be a complacent bride any longer, but an active bride doing your will on this earth. True apostles come forth! True prophets come forth! True evangelists come forth! True pastors come forth! True teachers come forth! Equip the saints! Saints arise! Saints come forth!

Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit we invite you - Invade the earth! Invade our region! Invade our lives and invade Your Bride again!
People of God, come out of Babylon the great harlot that you share not in her judgments!
God, loose your angels on us to minister to your people and the world. Angels come forth and minister as you were gifted to do. Break forth into Joy O Saints! Let the Glory of the Lord rise upon us and effect real change in the Saints, that the Saints can effect real change in the earth.

In the Lord Jesus’ words – “You shall receive POWER after the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses” - in all the earth.
Saints arise - shine - for your light has come and the GLORY of the LORD has risen upon you!

Michael Dutton – The Heidy House of Prayer
Comment by Michael E Dutton on May 5, 2010 at 8:35pm
The Spirit and the Bride say Come Rev 22:17

Since the Day of Pentecost, Holy Spirit has made His dwelling place here in this earth realm within born again believers. Have you considered how He must yearn for the day He and the believers He dwells in are reunited with the Father and Jesus? How He must yearn to facilitate the joining of Jesus to His bride, bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.

In Esther chapter 2, we see a picture of Esther being entrusted to the care of Hegai much as Jesus' church is entrusted to the care of Holy Spirit. Hegai prescribed twelve months of beauty treatments to prepare Esther to be the king's bride. When the time finally came for her to come before the king, Esther chose to adorn herself only according to the counsel of Hegai. Hegai knew the king's desires and prepared Esther to find favor with him. Do you see how Holy Spirit in the same way desires to prepare you as a bride without spot blemish or wrinkle for King Jesus? (Eph 5:27) And how He desires to adorn you with "the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price". (1 Peter 3:3)

Spend time with Holy Spirit, asking for and listening to His counsel on how to please the King. Ask Him to perform the work of sanctification within you so that you might be a bride without spot blemish or wrinkle adorned with a meek and quiet spirit. See yourself as Esther, the chosen bride who has favor with the King. And in that yielded place of being the Bride of Christ. Don't be surprised when you find "you have come to he kingdom for such a time as this". (Esther 4:14) The opportunity to change the course of history is still being entrusted to the bride.

Don and Donice Bylander – House of Glory, Colorado Springs
Comment by Michael E Dutton on May 5, 2010 at 8:33pm

Our Father and our God, we come before you in thanksgiving and praise for calling into being this nation, the United States of America. The Founding Fathers were careful to invoke Your name and ask for Your counsel and guidance in establishing the Constitution and every aspect of governing this nation. We have long neglected the necessary supplication to keep this nation Yours, and have allowed Your enemies to subvert that which was in Your heart for us.

We repent, O God, as the people called by Your name, from the shedding of innocent blood, from complacency and laziness, from indifference and blindness to the gradual dismantling of morality and the promotion of perversion flooding across the land, authorized by legislators and the judiciary. Prayer and The Ten Commandments were expunged from our schools "lest the children be influenced by them" - and corruption abounds in society. All of our freedoms, once guaranteed, are under attack. Lord, give us the courage to be silent no more! May we lift up the Name of Jesus and stand for righteousness once again in every area of our lives. Pull down the ungodly and raise up the righteous who, without compromise, will follow You and return to the godly principles upon which this nation was established.

Father God, we cry mercy for this nation - that You would grant wisdom to our government leaders and the judges in our courts to act with integrity and humble themselves to seek Your Biblical counsel.

Grant divine protection and guidance for our armed forces, who are castigated and reproved for their efforts to bring freedom to the oppressed and to keep our own freedoms. Lord, may the Chaplains who minister to them and their families boldly pray according to their conscience and in the name of Jesus.

Lord, raise up Your ambassadors in business, in the work place, in the arts and entertainment industry, and may truth and morality be presented in the media.

We remain steadfast in our support of Israel and bless her, that we may be blessed.

We pray O Lord for the educational system - the schools from kindergarten through college - for our children to be protected from corruption and given morally sound instruction in wholesome environments. And may parents be aware and involved, raising the children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Church arise from her slumber in unity and boldness in proclaiming God's Word, that we may take back from the enemy the territory which was stolen from us or which we carelessly gave away. We bind up deception and pray for revelation to bring restoration and revival. We declare that by Your grace and mercy "the gates of hell will not prevail" against the church, and that once again America will be that "city on a hill", brightly shining, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb and eagerly looking for His triumphant return, to rule and reign in His Kingdom!

So be it (Amen) - Lauraine Carauana.

(Lauraine has been involved with many prayer efforts through the nation. Along with her husband, General Pat Carauna (Ret.), serve in many ministry capacities. Pat is the current Chairman of the Board for Focus on the Family.)
Comment by Donnaahoo on May 5, 2010 at 8:08pm
God, tomorrow I may not be able to show up in the chat room because I will be at work all day, but if I were able to make it in the chat room, I would like to say, forgive us, have mercy on us, teach us, To all my family who claim to be a Christian, I challenge you "STAND UP AND CLAIM THIS TRUTH" and reach out to a lost and dying world, to lost friends and family members who you know are not right with God.

IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, than you are that light that will lead them to the only hope they have in finding PEACE IN THIS WORLD, in discovering a relationship with the only LORD AND SAVIOR, who can set them free from the ETERNAL PUNISHMENT OF SIN, which is their destiny, IF THEY WERE TO DIE TODAY. Without Christ, they are SENTENCED TO HELL, doomed to suffer for all eternity WITHOUT GOD. IF THEY HAVE NOT accepted JESUS CHRIST as LORD AND SAVIOR, if they have not been BORN AGAIN, their destiny is HELL.


Jesus will come like a thief in the night, and then it will be too late: maybe a car accident, a sickness or a tragic accident will end their life. IF THEY MISSED THIS OPPORTUNITY, the many opportunities of GOD KNOCKING ON THE DOOR OF THEIR HEART during this time of GRACE, It will be too late for them when death is at their door. GOD will not have mercy on them. For their sins they will receive ALL OF HIS WRATH, he will JUDGE THEM, PUNISH THEM and there will be gnashing of teeth and everlasting sorrow, forever and ever, because they had the chance to turn to GOD during this time of MERCY AND GRACE and chose to live their own way.

To all my FAMILY WHO CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN, THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH FOR ALL ETERNITY. STAND UP AND CLAIM THIS TRUTH AND REACH out to friends and family who are doomed to spend eternity in a place called HELL because they have rejected THE LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. Because they have no relationship with CHRIST and they do not claim him as their LORD. They walk as though Jesus had never existed and you can't tell them apart from a lost person in the world.

HE IS their only hope of being saved now and THEIR ONLY HOPE OF AVOIDING THE PUNISHMENT, THE WRATH OF GOD FOR THEIR SIN, because he BORE the WRATH OF GOD, in our place. BUT, it means nothing, if THEY do not accept the gift GOD is holding out to them NOW. NOW IS THE TIME OF GRACE! SPREAD this news! SHARE the gospel with a love one; a friend you know does not have a relationship with ALMIGHTY GOD

Please know that I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT BRINGING THEM TO CHURCH or converting them to man’s religion! I AM SPEAKING ABOUT THEIR SOUL and their soul has nothing to do with which church they go to!!!

I am speaking about a friend or family member, who you know is not born again, has not repented or believed in Christ AND DOES not ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AS LORD IN THEIR LIFE, -that he is the word, is God and always was, he came as flesh to this earth as a man and dwelt among us, told us what God, the father wanted us to know, EVERYTHING GOD SHARED WITH CHRIST, he shared with us, in the gospels, in the HOLY BIBLE! Then Christ allowed himself to be killed on a cross, he hung there in our place and BORE THE WRATH OF GOD THE FATHER for our sins, after three days he rose from the dead and is ALIVE IN HEAVEN sitting at the right hand of GOD.

IF they do not know GOD, they will face his wrath, if they believe Christ was who he said he was and by faith accept his payment for their sin, they will be saved! SALVATION, IT IS A FREE GIFT, ALREADY PAID by God himself for all of us. SHARE THIS GOOD NEWS, I challenge you, everyone of my family who claims to be a Christian, I CHALLENGE YOU! LEAD A LOVED ONE, a close friend, a stranger to CHRIST, who is the only one who CAN SAVE THEIR SOUL!!!

In Love,

Comment by Donnaahoo on May 5, 2010 at 7:58pm


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