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The Hipster Church in the OC with a Laid Back Beach Vibe ... It's for Real, Dude!

Whoa... Dude... Awesome...
Have you ever looked at ads for positions as Pastors with Christian churches today?


Want to be part of a "Christ-centered" and "culturally relevant" church that fits in well with the "OC" Southern California lifestyle?  Where pastors wear Hawaiian shirts? I just came across a posting for High School Pastor with Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente, California. 


Starting salary: $50,000 - $60,000/year plus benefits.

  • It's the perfect church:"a vibrant blend of the 'churched' and 'unchurched' ...."
  • In the perfect setting: "a more 'kick back' beach environment where people enjoy the best of the OC (Orange County, California) with a down-to-earth beach 'vibe.' ”
  • In the perfect facility: "Ocean view ... ideally located with high visibility and accessibility to the 5 Freeway."
  • It's got the perfect theology: "Nondenominational"..."healthy and upbeat"... "It's personality is vibrant and bouyant."
  • It's the perfect job: If you're an "Innovative Visionary who is a big picture thinker"... and a "teen 'magnet.' "
  • It's tech saavy, too: They have an online social networking community called "The City" that uses technology similar to Facebook.

Somewhere in ad I think the name of Jesus is mentioned ... There might even be a reference to the Bible or the Gospel ... But, what the heck!  They're laid back beach people, they've got the best climate in the world, they've got an ocean view and are close to the freeway.


Here's the job posting ...

Job Description:

High School Pastor
  Pacific Coast Church / San Clemente, CA / 

Position Description
Pacific Coast Church is in search of a young, highly motivated team member to serve in the role of High School Pastor in our Youth Ministry. The High School Pastor’s main function is to oversee our entire ministry to high school students, both the ones who already attend as well as the ones who need to be reached at our local high school.
Position Profile:
* PCC is looking for an experienced Youth Pastor with Innovative Visionary who is a big picture thinker.

* He should have excellent communication skills to inspire others to follow his vision for how he sees God reaching the youth in San Clemente.

* He needs to be an effective communicator and a teen “magnet”.

* We evaluate leadership based on these three general criteria in this order: 1) Character (Love God & others); 2) Capacity (skill set, gifting, ministry fruit); 3) Chemistry (how   someone fits with our existing team, church & community culture).
  •  Vision & Strategy – planning and execution of HS ministry
  •  Influence on the High School campus @ SCHS
  •  Recruitment, training, & management of volunteer staff
  •  Leadership Development of Students
  •  Parent Relations
  •  Management of HS Budget
* Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree
* Minimum Experience: 3+ years of work experience leading a high school youth ministry in a church 1000+.
The High School Pastor reports to the Executive Pastor.
Compensation & Benefits:

  • Schedule: This is a full-time salaried position.
  • Rate of Pay: $50,000 - $60,000Benefits: Health & Dental (as stated   in employee manual)
  • Evaluations: 90 days & annually thereafter


About Pacific Coast Church


  • Pacific Coast Church is a vibrant blend of the “churched” and 
    “un-churched,” celebrating over 50 years of ministry.
  • Its multi-generational community reflects a balance of youth, young   families, singles and “builders”… a true reflection of the San Clemente   community they are reaching with the gospel message.
  • Along with Sunday celebration services, PCC provides in-home Community Groups in order to build relationships and promote spiritual growth.
  • Throughout south Orange County, these sermon-based Community Groups gather during the week for study and fellowship. Sunday services are a balance of contemporary worship and engaging teaching for the adults, along with the fully graded (and remarkable) children’s and student ministry.
  • PCC’s location and friendly atmosphere are natural draws in the community.  Its personality is positive and buoyant. PCC belongs to the Conservative Baptist Association but is a non-denominational church.


  • Today, PCC is clearly a healthy, upbeat church of around 1200-1500   people that has a long history of ministry in the beach town of San Clemente.  
  • Over the past 5 years, God has provided new vision and opportunities   for ministry that have been both dynamic and fruitful.
  • Pacific Coast Church has embraced an uncomplicated “simple church”   strategy that seems to fit well into the San Clemente lifestyle.
  • With only two entry points (i.e. Sunday services and Community Groups), Pacific Coast Church has seen 75% of their weekend attendance make the transition into the mid-week Community Group network. This has created a very united church that cares about one another in authentic Christian living.
  • In 2010, Pacific Coast Church also launched an on-line community called The City. Similar to Facebook technology, this tool has provided additional opportunities for the church at large to connect together.
  • The Pacific Coast Church campus is ideally located with high visibility and accessibility to the 5 Freeway.
  • Their ocean view facility, along with 5 acres of vacant land next door, is debt free and able to accommodate their bright and growing future.
  • Currently they see approximately 20 new visitors each Sunday and are   poised for continued growth as they live out their vision for future ministry   impact (see website for further information).


  • PCC is located in beautiful San Clemente, CA. Known for “the best   climate in the world,” San Clemente is located along the coast half way   between San Diego and Los Angeles, where its charming Spanish architecture prevails throughout this community of approximately 60,000 people.
  • Although located in the very southern tip of a typically “driven” Orange County, San Clemente is a more “kick back” beach environment where   people enjoy the best of the OC with a down-to-earth beach “vibe.” 
  • PCC is a true reflection of the overall demographics of San Clemente.  It possesses variety yet has a consistent vision and passion to see people   trust and follow the Lord. 


Our Vision

  • Our vision is driven by a love for “the lost” and desire to see everyone grow in a real and authentic relationship with the Lord.
  • The cultural leadership style is marked by clear visionary direction and “macro” oversight. We trust leaders to lead with their God given gifts.
  • We desire staff members who first and foremost has a deep love for God, a heart for people, and have a passion to connect the two.
  • PCC also desires a transparent leader who knows who he is and who he   isn’t; someone with a clear vision for God’s calling on his life.
  • The new high school pastor will need to be a capable and contagious   leader both on and off the platform. He must be self-motivated, humble and  collaborative, able to inspire others around him toward “becoming.”
  • Maintenance ministry is not enough.

Our Mission
To encourage everyone to know and follow Christ. We accomplish this by   Reaching people for Christ, Growing followers of Christ, and Connecting   together in Christ.
Our Values
 * Christ-Centered

   * Authority of Scripture
   * Cultural Relevance
   * Relationships
   * Authenticity
   * Excellence


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It's sickening to see what is happening in the church today.  Jesus Christ has been cast aside in a minor supporting role as the church redefines itself to be culturally relevant and engaging. 

Here's another job posting.  Does anyone know what this job really is--in plain English?  It's supposed to be a position in a church, but it sounds like a marketing and promotion job for a fast growing high-tech startup.  Is that what Christianity has become--a feel-good consumer product in the American marketplace?

Director of Ministry Development
Oceanside, California

  • Ministry is booming at New Venture Christian Fellowship! And with growth comes the challenge and opportunity to keep up with all that God is doing. Do you have the experience, call, and servants-heart to serve as the Director of Ministry Development?
  • The Director of Ministry Development (DMD) serves as a Growth Catalyst, organizing, developing and administering a Ministry Program that is growing, mission-driven, outreach-focused, and Small Group structured, under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor and in cooperation with the Executive Team.
  • The DMD is a networking leader responsible for oversight and development of NVCF Ministries, with an emphasis on Small Groups, Connections, & Partner (Volunteer) Relations. The DMD develops and directs appropriate processes and procedures which foster a growing number of Leaders, Coaches and Partners in NVCF’s varied Ministries.
  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities: The DMD is tasked with overseeing 5 primary areas of ministry with an ability and responsibility to lead teams effectively and to raise up new leaders. Exceptional administrative, organizational, and developmental skills are essential to the success of maintaining and expanding this Ministry Network. Must be extremely hard-working and have had leadership experience with a large and growing church or churches.

More gibberish ... This time sounding very New Agey ...  From Minnesota in the American heartland ... A church in the basement... or a microbrewery for the Lord???

Mankato, Minnesota

Elevate has become a modern underground movement in the Mankato area; literally…we are a church in a basement. Why? Because anywhere is better than the status quo! This past summer we bought a microbrewery in the name of God. Renovation of the nearly 14,000 square feet should be ready for us to move in this spring.


The Worship Director assists the senior pastor in creating environments at Elevate where people can encounter and respond to God.


• Provide spiritual and visionary leadership to the Worship and Production teams.
• Cast vision, along with the senior pastor, of the spiritual and artistic direction of the church.
• Partner with the senior pastor to determine the focus, content, messaging and creative approach of each service.
• Recruit, shepherd and develop volunteers to be creative leaders throughout the church while fostering and creating an atmosphere of unity and community within the teams.
• Oversee the brainstorming process.
• Develop, implement and evaluate plans to achieve the creative goal.
• Oversee all aspects of the service execution.
• Supervisor may assign other duties.


It's the perfect job: If you're an "Innovative Visionary who is a big picture thinker"... and a "teen 'magnet.' "

After Bishop Eddie Long's Crowning Kingship ceremony at his Atlanta Mausoleum (oops, I mean church) angered the ADL and a host of other Jewish Rabbi's maybe he could apply. I hear he is a "teen magnet" ("allegedly").

You Tube pulled all the videos this morning.

had a hard time finding this.

Praise God!  How many feel an anointing in the room?  


Bishop Eddie Long, wrapped up in a Torah scroll, sitting on a throne, and crowned king in an ostentacious display before an ecstatic crowd at his megachurch.


For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;

but wanting to have their ears tickled,

they will accumulate for themselves teachers

in accordance to their own desires,

and will turn away their ears from the truth and

will turn aside to myths"

(2 Timothy 4.3-4, NASB).

Praise God!  How many feel an anointing in the room? 

You scared me for a moment Colby..

The video loads so slow but toward the end they lift him in his mock throne above their heads and parade him around in the air to a Hebrew liturgical chant, dim lights, and a swaying congregation of thousands.

I'm sick.

Fred Price had a similar ceremony several years ago, (replete with masonic symbolism) not quite as ADL offensive but sickening just the same.

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Feel an anointing. I'm still rolling

They ought to have shag-dance contests too. They would draw the older generation into the "beach" vibe.

Well we can tell where the church is heading. Well not all church's are like this. But this one just makes me sick. I mean they leave out Jesus. This is NOT a Christ centered church or ministry. This must make Jesus sick to see church's doing things like this to get butts in seats and pews on Sundays and Wednesday nights. A lot of church's will do anything to bring people to church. Its like that saying "Seeker Friendly."

I would rather serve with 5 seekers of Christ then 500 Christians shouting, hands raised, running-aisle people living on emotions any day of the week


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