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I wanted to discuss any dealings with this issue? My brother in law shot himself,January15,12 outside his wife's bar, separated a year. Spanish Indian, age33. Some well experienced spiritual guidance is needed. Thank you, Theresa

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Might I first ask if you've received Jesus as your personal Savior? If yes, how is your walk with the Lord? 

Very much so, I accepted Jesus 4yrs in April. I lean on the Lord every chance I get.

Amen. That is always the best way to begin. My guess is he wanted her to see it to "get back" at her type of deal. I'm so sorry for your loss. Can I ask what kind of spiritual guidance you are seeking? Is it for you, your sister or what? Sorry for the all the questions. In the meantime, I'm praying for you guys


  This is a terrible hurt and loss for his wife and family.  I can not even imagine the huge emotions that come with such a tragedy. Theresa, I am so so sorry.  Pray, Pray and then Pray some more.  You may need to stand in the gap for your sister and those he left behind.  Especially if they are not where you are in the Lord.  Hold them, Kiss them, and share your strength with them until they can stand again.  When you feel weak in sadness and tired from grief, go to Him in tears if necessary.  Theresa, His grace is sufficient for you and His strength is made perfect in weakness. 

We are here but most important our Lord and Savior is always here. 

We have been through alot in our marriage but i have no idea how to help him through this.... No idea. The pain, he got upset and called himself a fake and stormed out. The emotion is so great and the loss so tragic, my husband does not know life without his brother. He is so attached to his family, his sister lives 2 houses down and his brother lived with her. The bond is amazing, i dont think our marriage is has as much meaning and I get a little worried. I get a little upset because he said elmo was his everything, his heart and there is no meaning without him. I dont know how quite to take that. we have been married for 16 years and I am worried. I do not want this loss to begin slowly to deterioration.

I'm not usually at a loss for words but praying is all that comes to mind at the moment. Lifting you up.

Dear The resa,

If not for you this morning I was not going to post any further discussions here.  But the Lord led me to your spot.  Theresa I know how desperate it can feel when things seem to be falling apart.  Please just be there for your husband.  Let him grieve and grieve with him when he's down.  Try not to react to the silence and the blow ups.  Cook a large family dinner once a week for his sister and any other family members that your husband is close too.  Have dinner all together once a week if possible.  Bake.  Be his wife. Be gentle. Pray. Do what you do best Theresa.  The new family tradition will help him to remember the living while he mourns the dead. 

I'm so sorry Theresa for all the pain in your life right now.  Time helps and God heals.

Theresa, Good advice from both Tammy and KJV.  I know this is a very difficult time for you and your loved ones coping with a senseless death, and the tragic circumstances call for much grace and pulling together. Please know that you are in my prayers and that God is with you.


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