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My views are typically against the norm on this site, so I wanted to explain where I am in my faith journey.  I have struggled with my faith for a long time.  When I first discovered LIBAW, I took it as a sign and joined immediately.   When I arrived I was welcomed warmly, and have always been treated with respect even when my views differ from the group. So when I joined the site, I dove in and learned more about fundamentalist Christianity. I felt maybe I was missing something and I needed to be a fundamentalist in order to find peace with myself and God.  But the more I read and learned about living in black and white, the less sense it made to me.   The God portrayed in the bible contradicts himself.  He is an ultimate being capable of anything, yet he is jealous.   He created the world, but wants us to ignore vast parts of it.    He created people of different races, creeds, orientations, and beliefs, and then forces those who do not agree with him to suffer eternity in hell.    The sin in the world gets blamed on Adam and eve, yet that makes no sense. If God is omniscient and omnipotent, then he already knew Eve would eat the apple before it happened, and yet he still put the apple in the garden of eden. 

  If God is beyond all, then he should be above the petty emotions of jealousy and anger.  Yet we are told we will face his wrath if we do not follow his word specifically.  These qualities are contradictions.

  In short.  I have come to a place in my faith where I know that I am, and will likely not ever be a fundamentalist.   If the God portrayed in the Bible is 100% accurate, then he is a God I could not, with good conscience, worship.  

    To me, God is love. Pure and simple.  Do I think people go to hell?  Probably.  But not near as many as you would think.  I believe he loves us all, regardless of our beliefs, and judges us on our character and actions. Not our ability to follow guidelines written thousands of years ago.  I do not believe the Bible is the unaltered and 100% accurate word of God.   Im not an athiest. I do believe in God. I believe in the teachings of Jesus. But  I cannot live in black and white in a multi-colored world.  


 So I ask you all this.  Should I leave the LIBAW site?


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I must have missed a good reply.  i havent been able to log on in a few days.  Looks like some were deleted before i could read them.     thanks to everyone for the responses.    

Some left the site & a couple of them deleted their replies. I stand behind everything I said unashamed. But, it was quite interesting as you see my 1000 replies like I was Sybil talking to myself 

Hey Jason,

I know you don't believe that the entire Bible is true, but the leadership of the site does believe it's true. It comes down to the fact that you will have to really MEET Jesus. Then some of your questions will be answered. And the questions that aren't answered won't seem to matter as much.

His ways are higher than our ways. It's not so hard for me to accept that God would know more than I would, although my brain does sometimes try to understand everything in a logical way like yours does, Jason : ). Like why does He allow suffering?

But the reality is that this life is like a grain of sand on the beach of eternity, so I guess if we have some pain in this life and it causes us to seek the Lord, then it was all worth it because we will get to spend this life and eternity knowing Jesus. That is the best gift we could ever get.


Love to my LIBAW family,


well, i do want to say im sorry if i caused drama on the site.   It wasn't my aim to offend, but to ask a question and try to give the group an idea of where i am coming from.    

It's OK : ), it wasn't exactly your question that caused drama.

But Jason sure knows how to get things rolling, don't he?



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