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How often we as Christians want Jesus to love us more then HE all ready does? You see Jesus could never love us more than HE all ready does. No matter how much or how little we love some one Jesus still loves us. No matter what sins we have committed Jesus will still love us. Its not what we do that Jesus loves us its because of who Jesus is that HE loves us. I have learned over the years it doesnt matter how evil or how bad you are, you can even be the next Adiolf Hitler and Jesus sill will love you. It shows how mucuh Jesus loves us by Jesus dying on the cross. But it goes much deeper than that you see Jesus loved the comman people so much that HE eat with taxcollecters,drunkerds and more. HE didnt care what people thought of him HE loved unconditionally. Only Jesous could have loved like that. You see it was because of grace that we are saved. Its not by might, nor power, nor anything else that we are saved.But it all shows that Jesus loves us. Romans 8:1 says that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Isn't that great? That no matter what we have done wrong Jesus will not condem us. Jesus will love us untill the ends of the earth. Jesus said in matthew 28 "I will be with you always en untill the ends of the earth" Thats a great thing to know that Jesus will be with us always even till the earth ends. But Jesus will alway love. But if you ever feel that you as a Chrtian need more of the love of Jesus just cry out Jesus wrap me in your arms. Michael Gungor wrote a ong called Wrap me in your arms I would like to share the lyrics: There is a God who loves me Who wraps me in His arms And that is the place where I'm changed And that's where I belong [Chorus] Take me to that place Lord To that secret place where I can be with You You can make me like You Wrap me in Your arms Wrap me in Your arms Wrap me in your arms

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Yes, God will love and forgive a muderer like He did in the bible. I was talking to a friend and I was explaining that God does not like people being Gay, it's a sin, He does not approve of the choice to be gay...but He still loves that person. It took me some time to realized that God still loves me after I sinned so bad I was ashamed and felt condemned. He still loves me I repented and asked for forgivesness. The problem was me ..I didn't let it go in my mind and dorgive myself! He loooooves me and I'm so glad about it. :D

That issues breaks my heart more & more everyday. 

Another thing that I have learned from God is that One night I heared HIM say to me "Greg YOu will never know how much I love you." Thats the thing. We will never know how much God loves us as humans. All we know is that God loves us.

I know you've heard this a million times but it still came to mind when I was reading this so I still wanted to post it 

I love you my My God and My King!!!


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