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if I would have read a topic like mine only few months ago I would have easily answered: no, of course you can use medicine in order to get well, as doctors and medicine are accepted by God, and we are blessed that medications and personell is available for us. doctors can cure symptomes while God is our entire healer, and Jesus has taken all sicknesses away from us anyway...


My son was diagnosed a severe desease, MS, and doctors say it would be chronical, life long.
They neither know the reasons of it, nor the absolutely well-working medication against it.
They suggest Interferon which hinders the immunic system to work as usual, so that any future relapse would be less harmful or would not occur very soon..This medication has a lot of side-effects, and there is no guarantee that it still would work in 2 years ahead as 50% develop antibodies against it, and then the next more heavier medication would be necessary.
In contrary to all other medications, even chemos, there is still hope at the end of the be healed completely, and most of the times, it works..

but in this case it would mean medication life-long, with no guarantee and vage hope.

We and many others have prayed for healing. My son himself believes in his healing, but the doctors almost beg him to take medication as his findings were very serious and they fear the worst acc. to their experiences.

Fear is not from God, all medication would be based on fear of an eventual next relapse.

But there are patients where they have been no relapses for 10 or 15 years, and maybe there are people who never had any at all again??

Is taking medicine a lack of trust in God's healing?
Is taking medicine destroying all prayers reg. being healed, as I kind of doubt the healing and therefore use medicines? But I am sure that God never wants me or any mother to sacrifice our kids as Abraham did, as Jesus did EVERYTHING already for us!
How could we find out that he got healed if he is under drugs and suffering side-effects?

Please help, I am really confused and despaired. How can I support my son when having such  thoughts?

Thank you


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Ma'm, if it was me, I would go the last stretch of the last mile to see my child healed. If there is just .0000001% chance of healing, I'd do it. I don't think the Lord would count it against me to take care of the precious gift He's given me.

Yes, I know and understand, all of our kids had vaccinations, take antibiotics if required etc.. But this time there is no healing in sight, that is what doctors say. it would mean medications for the rest of the life, and not only welldoing, but also harming. Plus our son is now 18, so the docs dont care what we parents would say, it is up to him, but I will try to give him the best advice possible, considering all what medicine can do, but most of all everything that God can do.
God has given us His Word which is life and healing, His Word is much higher and powerful than anything, He can heal where doctors would give up...
Isnt it just because we CAN use medicines at anytime and for any little thing that we have lost ability and trust in God only? How big is my faith?

I'm terribly sorry to hear about the plight of your son and his medical prognosis.  To be afflicted with a chronic and severe medical condition for which no cure now exists, particularly at the young age of 18 years, is very tragic indeed.  You and your family, and especially your son, have my full sympathy and prayerful support in these most trying circumstances.


Please understand that faith and medicine aren't mutually exclusive.  It's not an either/or proposition here. Prayer and faith aren't substitutes for medical treatment. Though, when medical treatment offers no hope, they are all that we have.  Even so, the field of medicine is making great strides in discovering cures and more effective treatments.


I implore you to advise your son to take full advantage of the very best medical care, which God has blessed us with, to stay strong in faith in Jesus Christ, and to pray without ceasing.  Know this: That faith, prayer and medicine come from God.  They are complimentary; that is, they work together.

I ditto Colby. This situation will def be in my prayers sister.

Astrid, my dear sister, sorry it took me longer to get back to you on this topic thank you for steering me to it. I can completely sympathize with your delema with medicine. I too wondered if taking it was what I was supposed to do but I can tell you this. I did take some during my surgeries, other medicines they wanted me to take I just felt in my Spirit that I did not need them. In the end I think that standing on God's direction, keeping full faith that God is in control, you can trust the results to him.  Here is the tough part, that includes your son not recovering, that if God's plan is to prosper and not harm his children then we believe no matter what our eyes see and our heart feels, we trust Him no matter what. We walk by faith not by sight. I think that God can use medicine to heal and help, I also think that sometimes we turn to trusting medicine and doctors instead of looking to the Great Physician. Either way you need to keep seeking God just as you have been doing and let Him lead and guide you, ordering every step along your path. Trust the results to him, no matter what the outcome trust that He knows what is best. Remember the story of Lazerus, the sisters ran to Jesus angry and hurt but Jesus told them "did I not tell you that if you just believed, you would see the glory of the Lord" declare that today tomorrow and every day until that pearl digs itself so deep into your soul that you will never loose it! Say I believe that I will see the glory of the Lord! Taking medicine doesn't discount your faith, its a matter of the heart, get your heart right, check your motives, and ask God for peace concerning what direction to take in your sons treatment....then leave the outcome up to the One who knows all things! I love you sister and will continue to keep your family in prayer for peace,wisdom and discernment.

Thank you all, dear Tammy, Heather and Colby, for every thought and advice, every aspect helps me along.
Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being certain of what we do not see.
Yes, it is this assurance and certainty in my mind, soul and heart which is still lacking, that God not only knows everything anyway, but also will help me, or better my son, to choose the right way, with full, unshakeable faith above all.
God hasnt given me an answer yet, and I am thankful that He sends me brethren like you to support.
Love in Christ

Love you

Hey Astrid,

I have been praying for you, but I have avoided answering this question because I have such a radical view about conventional medicine. I feel a bit too biased to talk about the medicine and side effects, because for some reason my children and I have not had much success with conventional medicine. (We tend to have weird problems that doctors do not know what to do with, lol). 

What I can tell you is that the Lord has been SO FAITHFUL, in His timing, to show me what is needed for me to heal and to be able to glorify Him at the same time. I guess the root of my problem (Extreme brain fog, fatigue, body temp of 94 degrees) was that I was allergic to foods and I had an unhealthy tummy, which led to my body being in a constantly inflammatory state. I also was quite toxic because I was unintentionally giving my body stuff that it was allergic to.

So I believe the Lord will let you know exactly what you and your son are supposed to do,  as the time comes. I will pray for you to hear the voice of the Lord, when He says to move, and when he says to wait.

Something that helped me a great deal:



I'm not saying this would be appropriate for your son's situation, this was just helpful for me and my undiagnosable problems.


Love and HUGS!

Your sister in Christ,




Thank you, Debbie, changing nutrition and avoiding all artificially changed foods surely does help the body to recover and to maybe get completely healed. I saw some vids on youtube of ms patients where it worked, some even returned to the original menue-list, that God gave to mankind in the OT ;)...But definitely high sugar consumation must be avoided, recovering of the gut is essential for all immunic matter what desease one has..
Thank you for sharing and encouraging!

Good point about Paul's advice to Timothy.  Luke was a physician, and he was clearly a Christ follower!

Paul does not chastise Timothy for a lack of faith because he was sick, but told him of a treatment - Awesome Perspective Crystal

Indeed!  And I'm reminded our Lord said that, "it's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick," from which I would infer that he had no problem with the practice of medicine in regard to healing (Mat 9.12; Luke 5.31; Mark 2.17).


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