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There are many aspects of God that we will never fully understand. When God created the world perfectly & created His children perfectly yet with freewill, why would He allow Satan to even think about touching His perfect creation? Why didn't He just throw him into the abyss the minute his pride took over his love for the Father? Why was heaven's mistake thrown down on earth's perfection? 

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My first thought is that the Lord wants to spend eternity with us, and He wants us to be people who love Him and serve Him and are redeemed by HIM and not our own works but HIS GOODNESS. That's my thought, is that it's more glorifying to Him that way.

My pastor always talks about the moment we stand before the Lord on judgment day. The Lord turns to satan and tells him that in spite of everything satan has done to try and torture us and lure us away from the Lord, we are still standing before the Lord redeemed and forgiven and giving glory to Him.

Wow, I sure wish Pastor Rod was here to type this. He says it so much better : ).

What do you think?

So, was He intending on us sinning in the first place so He could be glorified thru us if we return to Him also knowing that many would not return to Him & go to Hell?

I'm sure there's someone on this site who knows a lot more about this than I do!

Yes, I sort of believe that He wants people who are completely devoted to Him in eternity, and if they don't want to be, He doesn't want to make them be with Him. But what do you think?

I don't think there is a Christian alive who doesn't grapple with this question at some level (unless they are a liar, or they trust God with such a childlike faith it doesn't matter to them). I have a hard time with the concept of hell at all! But I do know that I believe God knows more than I do, so I'll just keep praying for my peeps : ). Most of my family don't believe in Jesus.

Now, this is my opinion, I think if we tried to have a deeper thought process about what hell was really like, we might would fight that much harder for the souls of those that we know are heading there busting it wide open. 

I believe God gives us a free will. He doesn't want robots. I guess I was just wondering why He would create the perfect earth & then allow Satan to enter it. But, you know me. I get bored & sit around thinking of these bizarre questions that really don't matter.

It's a good question; one that many have pondered for centuries: Why does a perfect, just, loving, all-knowing and all-powerful God allow evil or sin to exist? And why does God allow evil to exist when he could easily and instantly obliterate it?  Given his attributes, God could have created a world in which everything was perfect and where evil, suffering and death would never be known.  This vexing question is known as the problem of evil, and it raises a host of other questions.  Why would God create angels that he knew would rebel against him?  Once they rejected his authority, why didn't he simply obliterate them?  Why would he allow our original parents, Adam and Eve, to be tempted into sin by Satan?  Why would God allow suffering, pain, and death to exist?  Wouldn't any parent prevent the suffering and pain of their child if they could?


God could have created the angels and Adam and Eve without a free will, which would have rendered them incapable of sinning or choosing evil, but then they would have been nothing but preprogrammed robots.  It's through the exercise of our free will, our ability to choose between good and evil, to love God or not love God, that the potential for evil exists and it's actualized by the decisions we make. Once Adam and Evil chose to disobey God and sin when tempted by Satan, they brought suffering, pain, evil and death into the world.  But God provided us with a means to restore our relationship and reconcile us to him through the atoning death and resurrection of his son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom we have eternal life. 


It's incompatible with God's nature to conclude that he created or is the source of evil and imperfection. I think that God created angels and human beings with the ability the freedom to choose.  We read in 3 John 1:11: "Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God." In Isaiah 5.20, we read, "woe to those who call evil good and good evil" and in Proverbs 8.13, "to fear the Lord is to hate evil."


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