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I'd recently posted this on another site but I felt it was important to show this to others...

Why do some parents and adults think it is so taboo for children to get depressed? :[

Child: Mom, I've been feeling really sad and depressed lately.

Mother: Depressed? Don't be so silly! Children don't get depressed, those are only feelings an adult feels. 


I'm seventeen and I have been going through depression for quite some time now. Every time I would talk about it to an adult or to my parents they would always blow me off and say "[I'm] not suppose to feel that. Those are adult feelings...blah blah blah." It's only now that my mom has finally realized this and my psychiatrist given me medication. However, before the medication, I developed another way of dealing with my depression....self-harm. I don't do it anymore (although I do have relapses from time to time). My parents, to this day, still do not know about my cutting, and neither does my therapist. The only people I have told are some close friends of mine. 

The thing that makes me so mad though is that this could have been all prevented if not my parents had not blown me off of my feelings. If my parents would have taken my feelings into consideration and got me help sooner than my self-harm would have never happened. And I'm not the one going through this, other kids are too. Parents don't take their child's feelings into consideration as much. They just believe "Oh,...well it's just school. How tough can it be?" or "Kids are resilient. They'll tough it out on their own." Then later when they find out that their children are out doing drugs, drinking, or God forbid, commit suicide or feeling suicidal, they take it like a brick to the head. Then they're questioning as to why "all of a sudden" their children are doing such dreadful things to themselves.

I'm not saying all parents do this, some do everything in their power to prevent this. I know that. However this isn't always the case. There are some parents out there who really don't find it necessary to help out and talk to their kids about their problems because they don't think they have any real problems to begin with. 

I wanted to post this so that I can show the adults on here that believe kids don't have real problems when they do. 

I've found some articles where young children are now escaping there problems with suicide because no one realized how bad it was until it was too late.

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I really hate you are having to go through all of this. I think depression is probably higher in teens then any other age. It's true that us adults are guilty of taking it too lightly. I think one reason may be that when we were growing up, we just learned to deal with it. Now, they give you med after med after med & soon you're so high, you totally forget your depression but you also forget what emotions even feel like. Don't be too hard on your parents. I'm sure they feel bad already because they failed you. Us parents carry lots of blame. We truly desire to give you the perfect life & we fall all the time. My guess is your parents love you dearly & I'm sure hate themselves for not seeing the signs. No parent wants to think their children are depressed because that translates as us being bad parents. I do think people are becoming more & more educated on this issue due to the rise of suicides among kids. I will be praying for you hun. Stay away from that cutting. You may hit the wrong vein one day. I think you might should be honest with your therapist & ask her if you should share it with your parents. That may require another type of meds. You're in my prayers.

Hello Tammy :] Thanks for your prayers and concerns ♥ It means a lot. Also, yes, I do know that my mother does feel guilty of not knowing the signs sooner (however my father thinks it's just teen drama). I don't fault them for it anymore. Anyway, I'll try to find the courage to tell them about my self-harm and talk about therapist about it. Thanks for reading. God bless ♥


Thank you, Jenna, for bringing to our attention the seriousness of depression and the urgency of addressing it.  Depression is real, it's far more common than we'd like to admit, and it takes a great toll on its victims and their loved ones.  People suffering from it can feel as if they are in the depths of despair, surrounded by darkness, utterly lacking in hope, and contemplating suicide.  We need to become more aware of the nature, scope and seriousness of this illness as well as the signs and symptoms that accompany it so that we can respond with love, sensitivity, understanding and prayerful support.
Praying for you Jen!

I don't think I ever felt depression.

I try to stay busy.

You are truly blessed then


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