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In case you are not aware here is some information concerning a new movement that is spreading like a virus across our evangelical America.

The below is directly taken from their site

Will You Join Us In Faith Shared?

Faith Shared asks houses of worship across the country to organize events involving clergy reading from each other’s sacred texts. An example would be a Christian Minister, Jewish Rabbi and Muslim Imam participating in a worship service or other event. Suggested readings will be provided from the Torah, the Gospels, and the Qur’an, but communities are encouraged to choose readings that will resonate with their congregations. Involvement of members from the Muslim community is key. We will also provide suggestions on how to incorporate this program into your regular worship services. And we will assist local congregations in their media and communications efforts.

The list was compiled from info on the above site and reposted on the blog at the end of this list.

The following are churches across the US who have agreed to sponsor a Chrislam service:

Congregation Location
Anchorage First Christian Anchorage AK
University Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa AL
Quapaw Quarter UMC Little Rock AR
Federated Community Church Flagstaff AZ
First UMC Phoenix Phoenix AZ
All Saints Cathedral Pasadena CA
First United Lutheran, San Francisco CA
Light of ChristEcumenical Catholic Church Longmont CO
Park Hill Congregational Denver CO
Union Congregational Nucla CO
Temple Micah Denver CO
Riverfront Family Church Hartford CT
The National Cathedral Washington DC
Seekers Church Washington DC
North American Old Catholic Church Washington DC
National City Christian Church Washington DC
New Ark United Church of Christ Newark DE
Faith United Church of Christ Clearwater FL
Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola Pensacola FL
United Church of Christ at The Villages The Villages FL
Virginia Highland Church Atlanta GA
Decatur United Church of Christ Decatur GA
The Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist College Park GA
St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church Honolulu HI
Church of the Epiphany Honolulu HI
Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Episcopal Diocese of HI Honolulu HI
Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation Ames IA
Congregational United Church of Christ Iowa City IA
Urbandale UCC Church Urbndale IA
Hillview United Methodist Boise ID
Boise First United Methodist Church, Cathedral of the Rockies Boise ID
First United of Oak Park Chicago IL
St Thomas Mission Chicago IL
The Chicago Temple First UMC Chicago IL
First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne Fort Wayne IN
Northminster Baptist Church Monroe LA
The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst Amherst MA
Grace Episcopal Amherst MA
Church of Our Savior Arlington MA
St Paul’s Cathedral Boston MA
Old Cambridge Baptist Church Cambridge MA
Hadwen Park Congregational Church Worcester MA
Veritas United Church of Christ Hagerstown MD
Trinity United Methodist Mountain Grove MO
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Ely MN
First Congregational Great Falls MT
MtView/Trinity UM Parish Butte MT
Unitarian Universalist Ocean County Congregation, Toms River NJ
Christ Episcopal Church Toms River NJ
Zion Methodist Church Las Vegas NV
Prepare New York New York NY
Auburn Theological Seminary New York NY
The Sacred Center of New York New York NY
Christ Church United Methodist NewYork NY
The Riverside Church of New York New York NY
All Souls Bethelehem Church Brooklyn NY
First Congregational UCC Corvalis OR
Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ Sioux Falls SD
Baha’i Faith Community Center Nashville TN
Saint John’s United Methodist Church Austin TX
Hope for Peace & Justice Interfaith Peace Chapel Dallas TX
Cathedral of Hope Dallas TX
Wasatch Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City Salt Lake City UT
Grace Episcopal Church St George UT
United Church of Bellows Falls Bellow Falls VT
Cathedral of the Diocese of Vermont Burlington VT
Vermont Ecumenical Council & Bible Society Burlington VT
Dummerston Congregational Church UCC Drummerston VT
Memorial United Church of Christ Fitchburg WI
Trinity Episcopal Church Janesville WI
First Congregational Church UCC Casper Casper WY

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Satan has a new circus in town.

Lol yea true that Joy. Same circus, different clowns

That's all our country needs, another religion that we have to tolerate while they continue to bind Christianity.

People sharing their views in a country founded on the concept of freedom of religion. Bring people of different faiths and cultures together in worship and friendship. sounds like a good thing to me.

You all assume that bringing other faiths together will weaken Christianity, but you are forgetting that the non-Christians will be exposed to the teachings pf Christ in this situation. They will hear teachings of Christianity that they would not hear in their own perspective houses of worship.  

This is about religious tolerance don't be deceived. Jesus never commanded us to be tolerant of other religions, in fact quite the opposite. I don't care what this country was founded on this is not my home. Now I don't have a problem with freedom of religion or freedom of speech or all of that good stuff. But to put on an event and say all religions are coming to worship together in truth? Well that is the biggest joke I've ever heard. If you are not worshiping in truth, then you are not worshiping the Father.

How is this any different than the Israelites mixing with pagan religions, which God clearly was against? That's like worshiping God and Baal on the same altar. God is a jealous God. Exodus 20:5

And Jason you know better than to think that some Muslims would actually go to hear what Christianity has to say.

some may not, but some may.  if a muslim is willing to attend a service like this, they may be open to other ideas.  someone who is 100% set in thier ways would not attend a service like these.

It will also confuse them about where we stand. As much as I would love to see a Muslim come to Christ, I am not willing to stand side-by-side with any of them, holding their hand in religious fellowship. No offense brother, but this article has already pulled you in. Imagine how it would affect the lost. Are we saying that Christ is not enough that we have to join with the false religions to draw them to Him? You are literally standing hand in hand with Satan. If you are not for Him, you're against Him. If you against Him, you are playing for the opposite team. I don't need to hitch up with the demons of the outer darkness and their human representatives to win the lost. You never seen Jesus standing hand in hand with the Pharisees or Saducees. 

Anyone who isn't with Me opposes Me, and anyone who isn't working with Me is actually working against Me. Matthew 12:30

Inter-faith dialogue is fine.  I have no issue with holding forums at which Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Bahais, Buddhists, etc. can meet for the purpose of discussing their religious beliefs and promoting better understanding between them.  As a Christian, I might attend such an event because I have an interest in comparative religion and because I believe in the scriptural directive to give a reason to others for the hope that I have in Christ and to contend earnestly for the faith given me with gentleness and respect.  But I find's proposal disconcerting and problematic and their motives suspicious.

Take the name Faith Shared for starters.  Christianity and Islam are very different faiths.  Muslims do not believe in the one true God of the Bible.  They do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Lord and Savior of mankind.  So let me be blunt and cast aside political correctness: There is no "faith shared" between Christians and Muslims. 

Here is my biggest concern.  It is inappropriate to invite non-Christians, including Muslim imams, to come into our churches to preach from the pulpit, especially during a sacred and solemn worship service.  The very thought is offensive to me.  It shows utter contempt and disrespect for the one true God of the Bible.

Putting aside this point for the sake of argument, FaithShared.Org's proposal for inter-faith worship is a one-way street.  Look at the list of participating churches.  There is not one mosque among them.  I take this to mean that Christian pastors are not being invited to preach from the pulpits of mosques and share with their congregations the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, but imams are being given full access to Christian houses of worship.  This tells us something about the real agenda of this organization, does it not?  It is about anything but leading Muslims to Jesus Christ.

There is good reason for the Western world and Christians in particular to be suspicious of Islam.  The onus should not be on Christians to become more "tolerant," "open," and "inclusive" with respect to Islam.  In fact, it should be the other way around.  Islam has a serious image problem that it needs to correct.  No amount of sugar coating, hand holding and singing "Kumbaya" at staged PR events in Christian churches can erase the link between Islam and terrorism or jihadism.  Some of these acts have been linked to imams and mosques here in the U.S., including the Fort Hood Massacre, which the Obama Administration has tried to downplay by classifying it as "workplace violence."  The onus is not on Christians and others to become more "tolerant," open to, respectful of, and "inclusive" of Islam, but for Muslim leaders in the U.S. to clearly and unequivocally distance themselves from Islamic terrorism and repression of women and Christian minorities by so-called Islamic republics, including Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Amen. Joy, Sean, Tammy

Colby right on.

Jason I'm prayin'.  Our faith is not centered on us.  It's centered on Him. Remember Jason He accepts or rejects our offerings of worship and praise. So we must look to Him for an example of what to do, what not to do.  If you search His Holy Word you will not find any example of false prophets,idol gods and Christ rejectors at the altar with His prophets in worship. Think Elijah for example. 1King18.

Unless of course one leaps from a premise of all religions being equal and all having value. If that is the case then Oh Dear God. Are we that close to Your return.

Sheesh Colby. It's like you've had some great epiphany lately. I don't know how to explain a change I have seen in you over the past couple of months. It's just unbelievably awesome. Loved this. Thank you so much.


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